Monday, October 03, 2005

Monkeys at the Helm Again Saturday

The technical flubs were so numerous on Channel 6's Saturday morning news program that we even felt sorry for anchor Andrea McMaster. Yeah, it was that bad.

From an over-the-shoulder graphic that mentioned "warrents" being issued to audio that cut in and out at random, the program was the sort of thing professors should show as an example of how not to do things. We'd expect this level of quality if we were in a market the size of, say, Scottsbluff, but this is Omaha, for cryin' out loud, not to mention supposedly the highest-rated station therein.

Our sympathy for McMaster, now in her 13th month of pregnancy, evaporated on Sunday morning, however, when she announced that Cornhusker fans were "sighing a breath of relief."

All you kids out there, don't let anyone tell you that eating paint chips doesn't cause long-term brain damage. McMoron seems to have consumed handfuls during her formative years, and look at the results.


Cogitor said...

Speaking of the imminently well-spoken (cough), you've got to appreciate the PSA running on 7 for the Walk as One event. I swear Elictia Hammond says "Walk as One to fight prejudiced (past tense)." And it goes out on the air that way. Good Grief.

weatherwoman said...

Such vitriol - did she dump you back in high school? I'm not sure when you were last pregnant, but let me tell you it can be very difficult. I don't remember her being that bad pre-pregnancy, and rather liked her smiling face before she got all discombobulated and puffy. Saturdays show was so bad I just switched to Spongebob.

Ted Brockman said...

See, weatherwoman, that's the deal—she wouldn't even know what vitriol meant.

The only reason for the pregnancy reference was to point ou that she seems to have been pregnant for a long time. Nothing against her appearance at all.

As for discombobulated, that's been her mental state since she arrived.

joeygrisgris said...

Anyone notice a vauge physical resemblance between Omarosa Hammond and Jana Murrell, the new traffic girl? John Oakeys hell just keeps getting worse and worse.

DarthSchrader said...

Monkeys must be running the ship, and sitting on the board of directors at KPTM.

Those kind of errors are commonplace there. In college, we used to play "Technical Trouble Bingo" while watching their newscast.

NeWsaShEr said...

Ummm,DarthSchrader.... Do you know how to read? I believe this post was bashing the great mistakes that happened at Channel 6, not KPTM- get your stations straight!

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