Tuesday, October 11, 2005

KM3 Soon-to-Be-Former Sibling Bringing Back Sports

An alert reader notes that Wichita TV station KSNW, formerly owned by Emmis Communications and, hence, a sister station of KMTV in Omaha, is bringing back sports under its new ownership. The Wichita Business Journal reports that sports will return to KNSW on October 26, ostensibly with the approval of it soon-to-be-new-owner, SJL Group.

Like Channel 3, KSNW dropped sports from its newscasts several years ago, citing research that only about a third of the audience cares about having it covered. Cynics suggested that the move was more about saving money than about giving the audience what it wanted.

Will KMTV follow suit? And, as several people have already asked, could this be the end of Travis Justice? There's no reason to think so, at least not based on the news out of Wichita. The Omaha station is also in the process of being sold, but to a different buyer: Journal Broadcast Group, which has shown a disturbing fondness for Trav, for what it's worth.

KSN to Revive Sports Oct. 26 [Wichita Business Journal]


joeygrisgris said...

If KM3 is going to bring back sports, perhaps they could try something new. They could go to a "giggle and jiggle" sportscast, hiring young women right out of college with absolutely no talent or experience in broacasting. After all, the other channels have already done it (see Murrell, Collins, etc). Like the male demographic really cares what they're saying anyway.

Hosh said...

Didn't they already try to do that with Trav?
If any of you take that seriously and jump on me, you need a life.

BadGod said...

does Km3 even need to do sports?

I mean I could care less about Travis one way or the other. But we already have 2 (or 2 1/2 if you count kptm) to do sports. Not to mention all the cable sport stuff.

Do we really need another station that's "all husker, all the time"?

Husker Mike said...

More sports in town than the Huskers. Here's hoping they decide to look outside of Omaha to find a new sports guy. I wonder if Clay Matvick might be interested in coming back from Minnesota...

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