Monday, October 31, 2005

KETV Fires the First Salvo of Sweeps Idiocy

On Thursday, Channel 7's answer to "Inspector Gadget," Carol Kloss, "investigates" steroids. Apparently, they're bad for athletes. Who knew?


ilovenews said...

Why not give the story a chance before you critize? Watch it, then you can make your call. You might be surprised the direction this story goes.

gerrishnut said...

Old Leather is going for an Emmy with this hard-hitting piece.

Cogitor said...

Quite frankly, where could this story go that it hasn't already been taken, both nationally and, to some extent, locally?

Charter Membership VRWC said...

ilovenews should probably be "ilovebeingoncamera." The word, "News" is the key term. If it's not "news," by the literal definition of the word, it CANNOT be sweeps material.

Why not do something that qualifies as "Cutting Edge Broadcast Journalism" by addressing the issues of either Pedophilic Sex Offenders who currently live near schools and dy care facilities, (and the fact that Nebraska is behind the eightball, since IA passed their own very effective version of a law dealing with such things), or the various facts behind the politics of the "one school district for every one city," (except Elkhorn) issue??

Think of the on-camera interviews!! You could interview the mayors, the Council, The Governor, and Some Legislators, (even the ones who will soon leave by way of term limits), and you could ask some cutting edge questions about their campaign donations and other loyalties.

Just think!!

God Bless,

the_s_man said...

ohhh teddy...make sure you get your daily digs on ketv ...

critical1 said...

I will say this about KETV... Randby trumps Flowers in weather ALWAYS. You can almost see the drool of anticipation from JF if there is the possibility of severe weather. Channel 7 has at least one half of the Randby team firing on both cylinders. If they could get Julie to read the news with a little less urgency when describing the lunch menu at a local nursing home, they'd be set. They both have great personalities.

DarthSchrader said...

If Carol wants to show us the effects of steroids, then she had better show us the testicles of a normal man compared to those of a steroid user, otherwise no one will care.

Some predictions of future Carol Kloss segments:

1. Checking the temperature of food at buffets.

2. Making sure that playground equipment is safe.

3. A report on how most people do not read over-the-counter drug labels, and why that is dangerous.

4. Some tear-jerking story of a bad landlord, and the suffering tenants inside.

5. An inside look at being homeless (for the Thanskgiving and Christmas season).

6. The flu shot. Why it's important, popular misconceptions, and the shortage of flu vaccines.

That is all I can think of without my head exploding. There are too many of the same tired old stories that have been rehashed for years. If you can think of some other predictions, please help me out.

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