Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Jim Rose: Hideous Freak?

Here's a question we've been pondering for over a year now: Why, during the weekly "Coach Callahan Show," do we never see host Jim Rose up close?

We see plenty of tight shots of Callahan, but whenever Rose is on camera, it's nothing but wideshot, wideshot, wideshot.

Is Rose grotesquely disfigured, or are the producers of the show too cheap or lazy to employ more than two camera angles?


bradleyoung said...

A. Jim Rose is not ugly, he is beautiful.

B. I know Jim and I tremble in his presence. (see above)

C. Too cheap/lazy for a Rose close-up? More like the producers are two modest too show him off. (IT IS the "Coach Callahan Show", not the "Jim Rose is a Badddasssss Hour"

D. I dare you to Google: Randy Lee, Adrian Fiala, or any of the other Pinnacle talent. Rose wins hands-down.

omatvwatcher said...

Jim Rose is a hideous freak. I saw him and the Jim Rose Circus open for nine inch nails once...and I don't think I will ever get those twisted images out of my head again. Nor his brief appearance on an episode of the X-Files.

Sidebar Sam said...

To Bradley Young: Mrs. Rose, is that you? Sorry, but Jimmy has a mug only a mother could stomach. Jimbo's pasty-faced puss would make him a perfect cast for one of the corpses on "Six Feet Under."

travia said...

They can only use a wideshot on Jim Rose because that is the only way they can fit his enormous head into the shot.

DarthSchrader said...

It's the mucus.

the_s_man said...

we never see your hideous face either teddy boy..maybe its a hideous freak calling out another hideous freak??

joeygrisgris said...

You men go that way. You other men, that way. The rest of us will run with Mucus. Or maybe that should be Travis?

Sidebar Sam said...

Hey _s_man:

You must really be miserable. Angry and unable to pen a reasonably witty response. Think about it, you're basically saying "well, you're ugly too!" C'mon Travis, errr _s_man, go blow your nose and try to come up with something of substance to say. If you are so put out by the observations made on this blog, don't come here to read them. Duh!

Ted Brockman said...

Once again, s-man seems not to grasp the point of a post or the context in which we employed the phrase "hideous freak." It wasn't meant to seriously suggest that Rose is cosmetically challenged.

Maybe s-man should head for Sylvan and brush up on the reading comprehension.

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