Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dream Team

A comment asked what we'd consider a "Dream Team" in local news. It's a question that we hadn't considered much, but if we could assemble a team using only talent currently in the market, here's what we'd come up with. Cast your own votes and reactions via the Comments section.


Male Anchor: John Oakey (KETV)
Female Anchor: Amanda Mueller (KPTM)

5/6 p.m

Male Anchor: Rob McCartney (KETV)
Female Anchor: Sarah Simmons (KMTV)

10 p.m.

Male Anchor: Greg Peterson (KMTV)
Female Anchor: Tracy Madden (WOWT)

Weather: Sarah Walters (KMTV) [sadly, her last day is this week, so we're exercising the "currently in the market" clause while we still can]
Sports: Dave Webber


Live/Field: Brandi Petersen and Mike'l Severe (KETV)
Feature: Mike Sigmond (KETV)
Investigative: Gary Johnson (WOWT)
Political: Joe Jordan (KMTV)
General: Mary Nelson (KMTV) and Rebecca Kleeman (WOWT)


joeygrisgris said...

Ok, my turn -

Morning - John Oakey/Brandi Peterson

Noon - Greg Peterson/Sarah Simmons

5/6 - Michael S'vere/Tracy Jacim, anchors

Liz Merriman (made over) weather

Sports - Chaps

Field Reporters - Mike DiGiacomo, Rebecca Kleeman

Investigative - Carol Kloss

Political - Omarosa Hammond

TVSheila said...

...and MY turn:

5/6 anchor-Andrea Mueller/Rob McCartney

Sports- Jeff Radcliffe

Investigative-Dave Hansen

Weather-Tyson Pearsall

omatvwatcher said...

Better Dream Team:

Morning: Taylor Wilson/Brandi Peterson

Noon: Malorie Maddox(also consumer/medical reporter)

5/6/10: Rob McCartney/Pamela Jones (remember her? the only decent anchor in this market in the last few years)

Weekend: Sarah Simmons/Amanda Mueller (a little girl on girl never hurt anyone, plus two great weekday reporters)

Field reporters:
Courtny Gerrish
Amanda Mueller
Sarah Simmons
Tom Elser
Trisha Mueret
Dave Hansen

Carol Kloss
Dave Hansen

Weather: keep Sarah Walters around for weekend, but would definitely look outside the market for better options

Sports: JJ Davis/Matt Schick/look outside market for better lead sports anchor.

BadGod said...

I have to admit it: I like your team, Ted.

I would like to see Andrea Bredow on there somewhere. Even if to fill in when needed. I like her.
I have no idea why, but I do.

Just my thinking on that.

DiggerDog said...

Ted, your list is lacking the best anchor and tv talent in Omaha history in Courtny Gerrish. Replace Madden for Gerrish and your news cast will generate record ratings.

Joe Swank said...

Dave Webber??????? A good Q rating maybe. But his bumbling of names and having scores on the scroller that are 2 hours old tell me he is just a reader. A jovial buffoon. I like my sports from someone that knows the names of athletes and the sports they cover.

Of course as a rep from Channel 3rd has told me "they did surveys and sports wasnt important to the area viewers so that is why they dont have it." Of course she didnt have a good comeback to my "gee then why are your ratings still so terrible???"
sorry for the tangent

Ted Brockman said...

Webber may be guilty of all those things. But he's one of those rare individuals whose strength of personality trumps any shortcomings.

He may bumble names. Scores may be old. But for some odd reason, I'm not bothered by it, even though similar work by anyone else would drive me nuts. He's still probably the most watchable person on Omaha TV. Whatever spell he casts, it's working.

Hosh said...

Get over your man crush of Webber and stick Chaps in the spot. Or even Mike'l. Either of them has more charisma and talent in their left pinky than Webber. Webber is an NU homer who does great with the Old Folks Home crowd. Depends on who your looking to impress.
I would rather watch Malorie Maddox all day. I wouldn't be listening, so I don't care what she talks about.

travia said...

That's one thing I thought I would never see Chaps-charisma-talent.
Talk about bumbling names and seeming incredibly uninterested in sports. That's how Chaps strikes me. What do you think the record in Omaha for being a weekend anchor is, I'm guessing Chaps is close.

newswatcher said...

Dream Team

Morning - Brandi Peterson
Noon - Brandi Peterson
5/6 - Brandi Peterson
Weather - Brandi Peterson
Sports - Brandi Peterson

I think you get my point....

One poster thought JJ Davis would be a good sports guy? GOOD GOD!!! Could you imagine living with that guy? He gives me a headache in the 3 or 4 minutes he's on now! Between him and Taylor Wilson, FOX 42 News is totally unwatchable!!

Hosh said...

Oh dear Travia-
You misread me: I did not say that Chaps HAD charisma and talent, I said they had more in their little finger. Two entirely different things.

Ted Brockman said...

Travia, Ann Schatz did weekend sports at KM3 from the mid-70s to the late 80s or early 90s. She may have Chaps beat, at least for now. Anyone know the exact years on either of them?

Sean Weide said...

Ann Schatz graduated from Creighton University and became Nebraska's first female sports broadcaster in 1980.

She moved to Portland in January of 1989.

Ted Brockman said...

She must've done some work for the station prior to graduating, because I could swear I saw her before 1980. Nevertheless, thanks for the info, Sean. Chaps may, indeed, be the record-holder.

Mike Abrahams said...

Mornings - (NEWS)John Oakey, Malorie Maddox
(WEATHER) Andrea Bredow (REPORTER) Mike Severe

Noon -
(NEWS) John Oakey
(WEATHER) Andrea Bredow

5pm -
Sarah Simmons, Brian Mastre
Ryan McPike
Sean McMahon ...bring him back!

6pm -
(NEWS) Greg Peterson, Sarah Simmons
Ryan McPike
Sean McMahon

Greg Petersen, Sarah Simmons,
Ryan McPike
Sean McMahon
Joe Jordan, Mary Nelson, Tom Elser, Brandi Pedersen, Tracy Madden, Karol Kloss

Weekend -
Brandi Pedersen, post male's job (WEATHER)
Sarah Walters
Post the job

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