Thursday, September 15, 2005

Up in the Morning

We don't know why, but Brandi Petersen was anchoring KETV's morning show on Thursday. Regular anchors John Oakey and Elictia Hammond were missing. Getting even one day of relief from the unbearable Hammond is always appreciated, but finding rising star Petersen in her place was an especially nice bonus.

Credit Channel 7 management with at least some smarts when it comes to anchor selection. Petersen seems to be edging out the mechanical Suzanne Deyo as the station's go-to anchor/reporter. Tune in to just about any 10 p.m. 'cast and it's Petersen you'll see reporting the top story live from the 'plex. Similarly, when lead anchor Julie Cornell is off, it's Petersen who's more likely to be sitting next to Rob McCartney.

The situation is just one more humiliation for Deyo, who was pulled as morning anchor after doing a miserable job as the successor to Jill Cordes(now of the Food Network). Having the less experienced Petersen blow by her to become the station's preferred substitute anchor can't be easy to swallow. At some point, you think Deyo would take the hint (or someone would tell her) that, anchoring isn't her strong suit. She lacks the spontanaeity and warmth required of an anchor, and her delivery is wooden, even on a good day.

She is, however, an outstanding reporter—something we've also mentioned previously. Both Deyo and KETV would benefit from having her in a role that takes advantage of her strength.


DiggerDog said...

I don't know I like Deyo even though she needs a lot of help up top to give her a more of a "womanly" look about her. With recovery time she would back in front of the camera in a few weeks.

joeygrisgris said...

Deyo looks plastic and sounds mechanical. Brandy Peterson would be an excellent choice to co-host with John Oakey in the morning, or even as the lone anchor at noon (sorry John). In my opinion, one of the few rising anhcor talents in the city. Oh and well the subject is up, someday Mike DiGiacomo is gonna make a fine anchor too if they choose to use him in that capacity.

Will said...

Missing in Action, Part II. Oakey and Hammond gone today as well.

Oakey is OK (heh)in a small-market kind of way, but Hammond is unbearable.

Sounds to me like KETV is "experimenting" because I can't imagine both Hammond and Oakey gone for two days in a row.

Ted Brockman said...

I don't quite understand those who speak ill of Oakey or deliver backhanded compliments. The guy does his job pretty much flawlessly, dragging along both Hammond and the frequently indecipherable Andrea Bredow.

He's energetic and personable on-air, understands what he's reading, and doesn't seem to let anything bother him, and God knows he's got plenty of reasons to be bothered, what with those idiot co-hosts.

He must pray every day that Mike Severe doesn't get sick and leave him TOTALLY alone on the show with tweedle dumb and tweedle screech.

weatherwoman said...

Me either - It took Oakey a while to grow on me, but I really like him now. Professional, yet personable. I would miss him if he was not on anymore. Brandy is fabulous, though a little young to be an anchor. I'm only saying that cuz I'm a 40+ year old woman though!

joeygrisgris said...

Omarosa was back this morning in all her glory. And let's hear it for the 40+

DarthSchrader said...

Petersen looks kind of simeon to me. Can't quite figure out if she is one chromosome off. The eyes are too close together, and the brow ridge is suspicious.

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