Thursday, September 08, 2005

Things We've Been Meaning to Post

• KMTV unveiled its new "weather lab" last week. It's an improvement over the old "weather center," if only because the meteorologists no longer appear to be working in a windowed broom closet. The "lab" also appears to have a ceiling that's more than six feet high. (If only they could apply this principle to the rest of 3's claustrophobia-inducing set.)

Perhaps it's just the camera angles, but much of the equipment seems spread out over a large area—kind of like a kitchen where the refrigerator, sink, stove, and dishwasher are placed at 15 foot intervals around the room. Every time the anchors tease an upcoming weather segment, viewers see a shot of whatever-meteorologist-is-on-duty hiking from one gizmo to another. Presumably, during a severe weather event, we'd see three or four of them gathered around a monitor, gesturing and chattering in exaggerated fashion, just as they do in all those promos.

• Are we the only ones praying for someone to lose that annoying Chrysler commercial featuring the petrified Lee Iaccoca and the barely-audible mumblings of droopy-eyed Snoop Dogg? What a pile of shizittle.

Sean Weide's Reader column last week included results of July's barely-noticed sweeps period. Pretty much more of the same; KETV and WOWT continue to battle it out in most dayparts with WOWT winning at 10 p.m., while KMTV runs a distant third, blah, blah, blah. Same song, umpteenth verse. And so the wait continues for Channel 3 GM Jim McKernan to realize that no amount of hyping severe weather coverage can counterbalance the repellent effect of "commentator" Travis Justice, who increasingly resembles Cliff Claven, only with a microphone and bad hairplugs.


ptg said...

"shizittle" Now that is rare.

DeanaApril said...

This is in regards to km3's new weather set/center. I have lived all over the country and watched a lot of news. The new weather set looks as good as anything I have seen. The look is sharp, yet not over the top and it appears to show a lot of depth and variety. By far the best in Omaha.

gerrishnut said...

Andrea McMoron Hurts me

Charter Membership VRWC said...

You missed the point of the Chrysler commercial, . . . but then the point may very well be worthy of missing. The idea of bringing back Iacocca seems to be an attempt by the German controlling interests to let American consumers think it's the same old corporation they saved with a loan, back in the early 80's. It's NOT! Their products are far better than they were back then, but so are the competition's. The introduction of "Snoop Dogg" into the mix is, moreover, a blatant shot to increase a specific racial base of consumers -- nothing more!

God Bless,

PS -- It pisses me off, too! (and I own their stock -- have for years)

Ted Brockman said...

Charter: I didn't miss the point; I just didn't care. The point I intended to make, but which I neglected to add, was that it's not just an extremely annoying spot; it's an extremely annoying spot that they seem hell-bent on running constantly. And just so everyone understands: I'm not complaining about the stations running it, but about the advertiser who subjects us to the stupid thing.

omatvwatcher said...

Shoot..y'all ain't down with the moca coca?

d-o double jizzle would be very disappointed..

DarthSchrader said...

The best thing about the weather department on any station is the moniker they use to brand it.

Enormo-Gigundo Super Doppler Nexrad Realtime Sentinel 9000.

That's what KM3 should call it. Sounds big and bad.

joeygrisgris said...

The Moco Toca Iacoco thing could be worse. It could inspire a local promo for KMTV featuring Travis Justice and Ernie Chambers.

Ted Brockman said...

Inserting Travis into anything (aside from a sound-proof booth, the unemployment line, or a wood-chipper) would make it worse.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

re: Enormo-Gigundo Super Doppler Nexrad Realtime Sentinel 9000:

Thomas York said...

Amen to the Lee Iacocca observation. He looks like he just walked out of John A Gentleman.

Jason ALexander is not helping his career much either.

The ads are dismal, and they really don't even pitch anything - Chrysler sells cars, don't they?

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