Thursday, September 01, 2005

Stretching for a Local Angle

Thank God for Joe Jordan. Were it not for the KMTV reporter's amazing investigative skills, no one would have known the awful truth: OMAHA DOES NOT HAVE AN EVACUATION PLAN!

Honest-to-God, this was his story at 5 p.m. today.

Yeah, Joe. When we're hit by that Category 4 hurricane, our elevation inexplicably drops to 20 feet below sea-level, and the storm surge causes levees to fail and flood the entire city, how will we get out of town? Isn't it shocking that authorities have overlooked this?!

Perhaps his greatest display of cluelessness came, however, when he asserted that the snowstorm that hit Omaha in October 1997 gave us "a taste" of what this week's hurricane victims are going through, noting that power was out to some homes here for several days after the snow stopped falling. Hmm. Either we've forgotten the part of the snowstorm that rendered thousands of homes uninhabitable and put Omaha out of commission for a matter of months, or Jordan has failed to grasp the magnitude of what has happened in New Orleans. Both scenarios frighten us.


gerrishnut said...

The Big 3 stations are all chomping at the bit to find anyone who has either been to New Orleans, worn stupid looking beeds, had Popeye's Chicken, been to a riverboad casino, and put them on television.

Did you catch Brandi Peterson's live remote in which she staged 3 little kids putting money in one of those Red Cross kettles at the 50TH and Center Hy-Vee? That was shameless.

Channel 6 sent uber-talent Brain Mastre to some white trash's property to tell us all that Jethro is getting instant messages from a state somwhere near the Gulf, it think it came for Maine.

This is a very sad situation down south, but it makes me sick to see the news outlets in the city twist it and turn it into some cause whe we all know it's just to whore for ratings points.

Mickey said...

I`m just glad it wasnt tracy madden report`in; I`d a been a `goner. Suicide online.

Jordan Fan said...

Are you saying that Omaha does not need an evacuation plan? That there is nothing that the people of Omaha would ever need to be evacuated for? I found it funny that the city leaders had never thought of this question.

If your going to pick on a local reporter, Joe Jordan should be the last one on your list.

dannymccaslin said...

There always has to be an Omaha connection to every event. Like the juror in the Michael Jackson trial who lived her 30 years ago. I really couldn't give a shit when they do that stuff.

DarthSchrader said...

Omaha does have a plan. If flooded with human waste and petroleum, we pump it into the Missouri River, or hide it in Council Bluffs' parks and playgrounds.

Wait...that's not a plan. That's status quo.

Speaking of reporters who thrive on catastrophe...after 9/11, there was a radio/tv cooperative donation site for people to drop off money.

Deb Ward KM3 was present. When a car came in to drop off a donation, she pushed past the Red Cross worker and held a microphone to the driver of the vehicle, so she could ask them about their contribution.

After getting her soundbite, she graciously backed away so the Red Cross worker could put the bucket up to the car window.

While the worker was doing that, Deb instructed the worker to back away from the car so the cameraman could "get the shot".


In other news...

The Brandi Peterson kid shot is really annoying to me.

Children don't say, "Hey, mommy! Could you give me $100 so I can help those poor people in New Orleans?"

Children say, "Mommy, I want to go play with my friends. Why do I have to put money in the bucket so this horse-toothed TV anchor-babe can get her sappy staged story?"

I thought news was not supposed to be staged. I thought news was about factual reporting. I guess that's why I am not a news director.

Ted Brockman said...

In general, we agree that Joe Jordan almost never makes a list of reporters responsible for stupid stories. But this one fit the bill.

As for the "need" for an evacuation plan, we don't know. Some of this "homeland security" planning often seems like an over-reaction and/or a rush to spend budgeted money, whether we need it or not.

Our main complaint, though, was with the lame attempt to compare our snowstorm with what's going on in New Orleans. It trivialized the current situation and was totally inappropriate.

Sidebar Sam said...

I must correct you darthschrader ... my children, ages 5 and 10, and completely sick of all the coverage their father is watching, have asked for money to put into the pots and to donate at school. Give kids some credit. They CAN and DO associate with footage of crying children in the streets of New Orleans.

Sidebar Sam said...

As far as evacuation plans go ... there is a group called the Omaha Metro Medical Response System that has been working on the region's medical response to a major area disaster. This has been going on before 9/11. A variety of subgroups meet on a monthly basis, but Mayor Landow's office has never sent a representative to a meeting and refuses to even acknowledge the work already done by this organization. However, God forbid we have a major disaster, and Landow's puppet would want to be front and center whining like the New Orleans mayor about why the feds aren't there to bail him out because he refused work with the group trying to get the city prepared.

Bored said...

sidebar sam... Omaha'a mayor is MIKE FAHEY... Paul Landow is the Mayor's Chief of Staff

enduring omaha tv said...

Why shouldn't Omaha have a plan? It is irresponsible for our "leaders" to not plan for the safety of the people they supposedly serve. Sure its unlikey something of Katrina's magnitude to happen to Omaha or a similar city but not impossible. You may not have to evacuate the entire city for months but there should be plans to move part of the population.
I guess instead you could be like the N.O. mayor and emergency director cursing FEMA and the fed govt for not doing anything. Seems like whatever plan they had, if any, fell apart at day one when this disaster was entirely plausible and really should have been expected at some point. Plus this wasn't even a worst case scenario storm! People in NO were paid to prepare for this!

Sidebar Sam said...

babygirl .... I am fully aware that, technically, Fahey is mayor. But it has long been a public joke that it is really Paul Landow who is actually calling the shots -- that Fahey is merely a figurehead. Geeeesh, I hate it when I have to explain jokes to idiots.

chippersgirl said...

FYI - Brandi's story was not staged. Maybe it's beyond your comprehension, but children are intelligent enough to know and understand what is going on, and to want to help. And if she did stage it? Who cares?!

Mickey said...

Sam: You need to re-read your second post and then pat yourself on the head and say 'Nice idiot.....' and then, apologize to babygirl.
Uriah Heep said it best:Look at Yourself.

Sidebar Sam said...

Whatsa matter Mickey, got a problem with the honest truth about your local "elected" leader? Or maybe, you just didn't understand the point. That's OK, those of us who really matter got it.

Sidebar Sam said...

Hey Mickey: It might be a good idea to go back to your first post and follow through on your threat. That way, neither you, nor I, would have to deal with your miserable existence ever again. Don't get mad ... your words, not mine.

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