Tuesday, September 13, 2005

So Much for Protected Identities

An alert reader sends us this:

"At 5 p.m., Kathy Sarantos-Niver of KMTV interviewed the girlfriend of the homicide victim from last night. Kathy said "she asked us not to show her face" yet we kept seeing shots of Kathy and the woman standing next to each other. There was one shot of the woman's hands, but the other four times they showed the pair, you could clearly see the woman was a 20-something, brown-haired white woman."

Maybe the thinking is that a couple of glimpses of Sarantos-Niver will be so disconcerting for the audience that no one will remember what the other woman looks like. Or perhaps Kathy's "I-Have-a-Secret" delivery will be construed by viewers to be a vow of secrecy.


rivercity_jack said...

Yeah, every time I hear Kathy do a report she either sounds like my old grade school librarian or the voice over guy from the original "PASSWORD". [whispering] "The password is "REPORTER". lol

DiggerDog said...

I think one of the 4 Omaha stations should hire me to do all of their on-air hiring.

The station that were to hire me would have the best looking cast in Omaha TV history, and a crew that would have the most viewers in Omaha TV history.

My first move would be to have Courtny Gerrish be their lead anchor. After she was hired, I would progress from there.

joeygrisgris said...

Can't understand the fascination with Courtney Gerrish. She's a good, component report/anchor by Omaha standards, but thats about it. Certainly not a knockout in the looks department. Every station in Omaha needs a complete makeover.....fresh look, fresh attitude, fresh talent.

joeygrisgris said...

Darn fingers. Competent.

gerrishnut said...

Joey, Watch yourself. Gerrish should have her own network TV show.

She is very hot and very smart. WOWT would rather shove moronic Shelia Brummer in our faces than give us unlimited access to Gerrish.

Omaha is crappy and boring enough without seeing the bright shining light of Gerrish during every newscast.

In short, life sucks without Courtny Gerrish. The news is just plain dull.

omatvwatcher said...

You know, Courtny's pretty hot and all, but damn...somebody drank the kool-aid!

Cogitor said...

Wow. Gerrishnut, if you're not really Courtny Gerrish herself, then Courtny should be thinking about getting the authorities to scrub this site for your IP and issuing a protection order! It's getting kind of creepy.

I've got to agree with joeygirls: she seems an able reporter (though I know of a situation where she went out to work a story, only to let the cameraman shoot covering shots while she spent the whole time on-site on her cell phone -- NOT interviewing anyone for the story at hand). OK, she's attractive. At least, certainly not unattractive. But she's hardly the best newsperson I've ever seen in my life, nor is she a stellar knockout by any stretch.

King Vernon said...

Popular Science: October 2005
There is a former meterologist (Dave Johnson, claims he is from Omaha, NE) who thinks global warming is 'well fake' Does anyone know the name?

lonesomebob said...

Niver also gave medical info on the condition of the trailer explosion couple last night. First she says that the family does not want conditions released, but then says "her sources" told her anyway. So much for HIPAA laws meaning anything to a journalist of health care provider.

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