Friday, September 30, 2005

Say It's Ain't So, Sarah

We had wanted to believe it wasn't true. But now, having heard it from several reliable sources, we are sad to report the impending departure of KMTV weekend meteorologist Sarah Walters. One source claims she's headed for Phoenix for a TV job there (insert your own Phoenix and hot joke here), while another suggests that she is following her husband to an unknown location due to job transfer.

Walters has been at Channel 3 since 2003, coming to Omaha from Palm Springs, California. As we've noted several times before, she is not only the best thing KM3's weather department has going for it, but she's also the most competent on-air meteorologist in the whole town.

Yes, she's incredibly attractive, but being "easy on the eyes," as they used to say, doesn't get you very far in our book (just ask Andrea McMaster).

No, it was Walters' intelligence and easy manner that won us over. Where others tend to go into hysterics and/or uncontrolled fits of weatherspeak, Walters calmly presents the necessary information and gives us a level-headed sense of how it might (or might not) affect us. Those qualities are rarely seen in TV weather forecasting these days, when most stations are nursing their latest-overhyped-gizmo fetish. Walters has been a breath of fresh air and she will be missed.


Frank McBoob said...

Did Sarah do any news reporting? Or was she strictly weather?

Just wonderin'

Frank U. McBoob

DiggerDog said...

Sarah Walters is not hot, cute, sexy or attractive. On the other hand Courtny Gerrish exceeds all of the above. Omaha needs to see a lot more of Courtny

Hope that helps

Damon Scott Hynes said...

This is the suck. My only hope is that 3 can convince Suzanne to go fulltime. Suck, suck, suck.

Husker Mike said...

KM3 has some new weather commercials - Sarah Walters not included, but the other 3 (McPike, Matthews, and Thongklin) all appear. Appears that Walters is on her way out, though we'll probably see more of her in the next week as everybody rushes to get some vacation time in before she goes.

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