Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday Morning Notes

• Based on our comment boards, there's no shortage of speculation about where Kent Pavelka is headed, now that he's no longer hosting the morning show on radio station KFAB. One of the most intriguing suggests that the former Husker play-by-play man might be headed for KMTV. If Channel 3's management decides to pull the plug on the disaster that is sinus sufferer Travis Justice, Pavelka would be a high-impact player who obviously knows sports, but who also did a stint as commentator at Channel 3 a few years back. While we don't have a lot more interest in Pavelka's opinions than in Justice's, anything would be an improvement over Mr. For What? It's Worthless!

• Every time we hear the meteorologists at Channel 3 plug their new "desktop weather tool," we can't help but think the station needs to come up with another way of describing it. As we see it, the term "weather tool" should only be used to describe KETV's mumbling meteorologist Chuck McWilliams.


Cogitor said...

Shhh! Don't give them any ideas! I for one would not necessarily be pleased to hear Pavelka doing much of anything on Omaha airwaves, particularly his apparent life's ambition to do Husker play-by-play again. Jim Rose is the same unabashed cheerleader that Pavelka was, and how many of those do you really need? How about someone to relate what's going on in the game on the field, not in PavelkaRose's head?

DarthSchrader said...

If Channel 3rd wants to generate interest in their sports coverage, they should have Travis and Kent fight for the job.

Have a cage match with assorted bats, bottles and knives inside. Winner takes all.

Two will enter...only one will leave.

Proceeds would go to Children's Hospital.

c-man said...

Why do we have to listen Pavelka's b.s. anymore? He's past history. Just check with the people he worked with at both "former" places to find out the "true" person he is, not what he portrays.

He has worn out his welcome as far as I'm concerned. I can't see anyone else in town that is dumb enough to offer him an on air spot.

Ted Brockman said...

C-Man: What you say may be 100 percent true. But before you go overestimating the intelligence of those running local stations, just remember that someone has been dumb enough to hire Elictia Hammond, Sheila Brummer, and Travis Justice. Never say anything's unthinkable when it comes to local TV.

rivercity_jack said...

God only knows that any of these stations (most likely KMTV or even WOWT) would hire this jack**s to work in their sports dept. Dave Webber could have another playmate or somebody besides Jernstrom or Klause to cry with when NE loses a game if Pavelka ever went to 6. If I ever have to hear "TOUCHDOWN!,TOUCHDOWN,TOUCHDOWN!!!" again, I won't be responsible for my actions. I even take Travis Justice over Mr Touchdown. And YES, I do like NE football! It's the fans I hate!

jmsqabq said...

Pavelka on KMTV equals blatant, pathetic ratings grab .. clearly they'll do it.
Hope they know that one-by-one anyone who give's a rat's butt what Pavelka has to say is dying off or wheeling into assisted living.

Husker Mike said...

Well, Journal just announced that Kent Pavelka is joining 590 AM, at least for Husker post-game coverage.

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