Thursday, September 08, 2005

Job Change! Job Change! Job Change!

Radio personality and sometime TV pitchman Kent Pavelka completed his final day at radio station KKAR Friday. Come Monday, it'll be the first time in 32 years that the former Husker football and basketball play-by-play man won't be doing a morning radio program.

Our alert tipster reports that "his departure clears the way, contractually, for him to pursue other broadcasting opportunities -- particularly those related to covering University of Nebraska sports." Hmm.

Does this mean he could be heading back to KFAB as well?

So much for taking Friday off.

UPDATE: Pavelka Giving Up KKAR Job [OWH]


Mickey said...

I dont "know" ken but I would think that somebody who bounces around job to job...cant hold a job.
Anyway, thats what my mom says.

Maybe the new teeth dont fit right.

DarthSchrader said...

I doubt Kent will be back at KFAB. They won't pony up the money necessary to bring him back.

I also doubt that Kent will be doing Nebraska Football on the radio. He burned that bridge. Besides, Jim Rose has been doing a good job, has a contract, and is Mr. Husker. He probably has the best working knowledge of Nebraska Football and it's history.

I'll bet Kent tries to get on with ESPN Radio or perhaps FOX regional TV or FOX sports radio. I think that will be his best bet.

Dari Nowka(sp) from KLKN TV 8 in Lincoln is on ESPN now...why not Kent?

With his familiarity and a gig like that, you'll be sure to see Kent and Lu pitching heat pumps, wrought iron railing, garage doors, cars, and hot water heaters in Omaha for years to come.


Sidebar Sam said...

Sorry Darth, but Jim Rose Blows! Half the facts he spews during a game are off, or even worse, have little to do with the situation. Plus, I'm tired of how he screams like a little girl on a big play (i.e. Stewart Bradley's pickoff and TD). At least Kent never lost the ability to speak when calling a big play.

Ted Brockman said...

There's no one more proud of his word-a-day calendar than Jim Rose.

Joe Swank said...

I would agree with Sam. Any big play is inaudible. Plus you never know where the ball is (based on his countless errors in finally reporting them I dont think Jim does either). You constantly have to wait, and wait, and wait to figure out the spot of the ball. I listened to the first half of the UNO game on Sat and Kevin Kugler does a great job - I knew exactly what was going on plus I didnt get all the poetic bs that Jim seems compelled to provide.
I was initally excited when Jim got the nod but have been totally disappointed.
Dont get me started on Adrian - With all the great players he is the best they can find? An average player that keeps gravy training off the program for what 40 years.

Husker Mike said...

Jim Rose may blow, but he's the favorite of the bosses at Pinnacle, so he's not going anywhere. Besides, he's become the ultimate schill for the program.

I could see Kent returning to KFAB; the chemistry between Gary and Jim is still non-existent.

I wouldn't be surprised if Kent ends up doing Husker basketball, or ends up on one of the local TV stations. New hair? Botox? New teeth? Radio guys don't need that.

More likely, I see Kent moving to Journal now that they've purchased channel 3.

Thomas York said...

Pavelka is better than Jim Rose.

I used to like Rose's pre-game commentary when he was on before Swain. Now that he does the games, he sounds like a spanker, though. Sidebar Sam is right - he sounds like he's going to piss his pants whn he sees a big play. Plus his yardage is almost always wrong.

I don't really paymuch attention to the other guy, but at least he's there to insert some rational pauses between Rose's ejaculations (pun intended).

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