Monday, August 29, 2005

A Wacky Weather Weekend

Anyone who thinks that moronicism in weathercasters is confined to local stations should've spent an hour or so watching the Weather Channel on Saturday or Sunday.

As Hurricane Katrina charged toward the Louisina-Mississippi coast, Weather Channel personnel could barely contain their glee. Approximately thrice per half hour, viewers were treated to an overwrought, drum-saturated graphics package reminding us that we were watching continuing coverage of the storm. In fact, it was so overdone that it often looked like a Saturday Night Live parody.

Then there were the on-air meteorologists, who got more excited the longer Katrina remained a Category 5 hurricane. "This may be one of the worst hurricanes in American history!" one of them gushed. Similarly, as the storm weakened, so did their enthusiasm (Katrina was a Category 4 storm by the time she made landfall). Around midnight, one guy tried to convince viewers (or maybe just himself) that the storm could still shift direction and come ashore west of New Orleans (a more disastrous scenario); it was if he were rooting for that to happen.

If you're having trouble grasping just how worked up these people were, just think back to anytime Jim Flowers was on the air during a tornado watch or blizzard. On the Weather Channel, the only difference is that there are about ten Jims running around yelping like excited chihuahuas, eager to tell anyone who'll listen how bad things could be.

• • •

While we're on the topic of weather, WOWT viewers were treated to fill-in anchor Sheila Brummer's disclosure (to high-talker/meteorologist Jeff Jensen) that she is frightened by thunderstorms. "That's why I don't do weather!" she announced.

Really, Sheila? That's odd, because we had always assumed you didn't do weather because YOU'RE NOT A METEOROLOGIST! Or is this just more of your stiff "banter"—you know, stuff you say just because you think it sounds like something an anchor should say?

When will Big Six management realize that Brummer is in no way a suitable substitute for Tracy Madden? She's clearly out of her league and doesn't seem capable of improvement. While Madden is knowledgeable, understands the stories she's delivering, and appears to have examined her script prior to airtime, she stands in stark contrast to Brummer's crosseyed-deer-in-the- headlights personna. Brummer always seems about two stumbles away from what used to be called a "nervous breakdown." She looks jittery and ill-at-ease—not exactly a soothing on-air presence.


gerrishnut said...

And once again Courtny Gerrish is nowhere to be seen.

WOWT has stunted the growth of Gerrish too long. Give her Madden's slot or let her find a better job.

Brummer is just awful.

DiggerDog said...

Do any of you know why Courtny "The Smoking Hot" Gerrish is getting the shaft at WOWT? It's clear she the best they have, and the best in the state of Nebraska, yet she was passed over for Tracy Madden. How? Why?

To say Brummer is awful would be giving her a compliment.

Ted Brockman said...

I disagree that Gerrish is better than Madden. Maybe as good as, but not better than. And Madden has shown herself to be up to the job—she's a huge improvement over what they had.

But why they passed Gerrish over in favor of Brummer is a total mystery. Of course, these are the same people who let Persaud half-ass it for the last seven or eight years. Their treatment of Gerrish strikes me as a colossal mis-handling of talent.

omatvwatcher said...

All you Gerrish lovers can check out her bizz-io at this shiz-link:

gerrishnut said...

Between the 2 Gerrish kicks Brummers ass in all aspects of the job.

She is better looking, has better knowledge of the Omaha Area, has a confort level on-air that Brummer will never have.

I have no idea why WOWT would drive talent away (Dardenell, Dyksterhuis, etc) or gives them crappy newscasts.

Will said...

I, too, find it mystifying that Gerrish has been relegated to the bench at Channel 6.

She's the best anchor at that station (although Madden is certainly almost as good) and deserves better than she gets.

But who knows? Newsrooms are really political places and she may not be a player, that's all

BadGod said...

At least you didn't rip on Andrea Breadow (sp?).

She's hot. That's all that matters.

jmsqabq said...

If this Brummer woman said that, she's an idiot...never seen her, never heard her, don't know her ... idiot.

DarthSchrader said...

Is anyone else here bored with sending the weather person out into hurricane force winds to prove that there is a hurricane?

I don't know about you, but I trust the National Weather Service/NOAA. When they say a category 4 or 5 hurricane with 20 inches of rain and 160 mph winds is a-comin', I believe them.

I think I watch these idiots for the same reson people watch NASCAR; for the wreck.

I am waiting for a guy to broadcast in 100+ mph winds, and get decked with a piece of siding or something. Kind of like in that horrid movie "The Day After Tomorrow" when the reporter gets ass-hammered by a billboard wie reporting on tornadoes in L.A.

Am I alone here?

DarthSchrader said...

Gerrish got a Leadership Award from the Dairy Council.

After seeing the low cut blouse she wore the other day, I now know why.

DiggerDog said...

I missed that one darth. Damn!!!

gerrishnut said...

I can't decide who is a bigger moron, Brummer or Bredow.

KETV has geared it's morning newcasts around the 15 minutes a show that idiot is on TV. I honestly don't find her that attractive. Hammond is better looking than Andrea is.

As for Brummer, watching her is like driving by a accident and seeing if there are any dead bodies.

The chick is terrible.

I missed Gerrish's low cut blouse, figures WOWT would not give up the head's up on that, something we all want to see/

DiggerDog said...

"Gerrish got a Leadership Award from the Dairy Council.

After seeing the low cut blouse she wore the other day, I now know why." would not only be fitting, but they would be nice as well.

BadGod said...

That Hammond chick is not attractive at all. Oh well, to each his own.

Andrea is hot.

DiggerDog said...

BadGod is right about Hammond, and wrong about Bredow. She's not hot. Not even for a chubby chick with glasses.

Contacts and a pass to Better Bodies would do her well.

Numbers Guy said...

It appears that Ted Brockman has a big hard on for Tracy Madden. What exactly is the connection here? Washed up broadcaster with so much time on his hand he actually can publish a BLOG? WOWT's newscast is so dry, nobody could possibly give any personality. Sheila Brummer had the ratings in Des Moines, it left when she did. Now WOWT gains in the 4pm and loses everywhere else. Check the numbers Ted... remember how the ratings drive the business? If you prefer blonds and boobs, then go to Entertainment Tonight. This is about Journalism my washed up amigo... OOhhhpppsss... I mean shares of the audience and $$$. If you feel so strongly about Tracy, why don't you become an agent with all of your knowledge and get her a job in a Top 10 market?

DarthSchrader said...

Sheila Brummer = old hat.

Tracy Madden = new hotness.

Ted Brockman said...

Numbers Guy: Brummer was unemployed when Channel 6 scraped her up. If she was such a ratings magnet in Des Moines, then an explanation of why they dumped her should be quite entertaining.

BadGod said...

Andrea is very attractive. I don't care what any of you say.

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