Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Will the Last Person Out of KPTM Please Turn Off the Transmitter?

Wow. The bloodletting over at KPTM has been pretty intense, even for that station, and is exceeded perhaps only by the bitterness that seems to be waist-deep at "Duct Tape 42." A correction and some highlights:

  • Rumors of Taylor Wilson's departure were greatly exaggerated. Despite his absence from several new promos, he continues to anchor the 9 p.m. news and is said to have no job lined up yet.
  • News director Doug Crary was canned last Friday, to the sorrow of very few, if you believe the comments here and the emails we've received from several 42 staffers.
  • Crary's departure is the latest in a series of departures, including those of 42's assistant news director, reporter Matt Meyer, and the weekend news producer.

By every indication, most anyone in television should be grateful not to be working at this sorry excuse for a news outlet.

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DarthSchrader said...

I heard that KPTM wants to create an incentive package that will perhaps provide them with the quality talent that will vault them to the top of Omaha TV news. Here are the rumored perks:

1. KPTM will never hire Jim Fagin. Not even if a gun were held to the General Manager's head.

2. KPTM will make sure that the power outlet that the microphones use will be fixed. This should alleviate the newscasts from sounding like they are talking into a soup can with a string attached.

3. KPTM will go dollar-for-dollar up to 6% of the employees salary on Harrah's casino chips for their retirement.

4. KPTM will not let the sportscaster say a swear on the air again.

5. KPTM will provide a clothing allowance, because $10 per month at the Goodwill goes a long way.

6. KPTM will provide a per diem of free fast food coupons, provided that the news event requires an overnight stay in the Omaha city limits only. Sorry, Bellevue.

and finally....

7. The first rule of KPTM. No one talks about KPTM.

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