Thursday, July 07, 2005

Weide: The Missouri Edition

In this week's Reader, media columnist Sean Weide devotes his attention to two University of Missouri alums: KPTM reporter Calvert Collins and former KETV reporter Amy McLard. Not coincidentally, both are "hot," as the kids say.

Collins joined KPTM in May, just days after meeting news director Doug Crary at the Radio & Television News Directors Conference in Las Vegas. As you can see from the photo at right (Collins is the one on the left), no one is likely to mistake her for Calvert deForrest, who played the role of Larry "Bud" Melman on Late Night with David Letterman.

As for McLard, she left Channel 7 in 2001 and returned with her husband to the St. Louis area, where they both grew up. She is currently Vice-President for Public/Legislative Affairs for the Missouri Credit Union Association.


RogerJohnson said...

My personal vote is Calvert Collins over Amy McLard, any day!

Midtown said...

Calvert not Calbert certainly gets it done a regular basis.
I hear she is a fair to midland right fielder as well.

joeygrisgris said...

Given that Calvert is young, hot, and a good long do you think she'll really stay at KPTM?

fullacheese said...

Well, there you have it folks, yet again pretty girls on TV are all that's needed to make a newscast work. It used to be you actually had to prove yourself as a decent reporter before they'd throw you into live TV in a mid-size market. You know...earn your stripes, "one man banding" in a tiny town just to get experience. Not anymore. No experience necessary. It's too bad really. And NO Calvert Collins is NOT a "good reporter". She looks good. That's what she's got going for her right now. And considering the comments, it's working.

Tricia Takinawa said...

Thanks fullacheese! that REALLY needed to be said.

The girl is a trainwreck, and struggles to write a complete sentence!

...this is common in rookies.

There may be talent there, but it's very raw. Collins will probably put the Missouri training to use, and get good in a year or two.

Yes folks, a little seasoning in Billings, Hastings, or Fargo would do her good, (like it has the rest of us, who have paid the dues)

And I'm sorry, I don't see "HOT" when I watch her "deer in headlights" look on live shots.

And to think... 42 had a veteran KETV reporter in house for a few months...and refused to give her full time reporting gig! What a farce!

Shame on KPTM for hiring on air talent straight out of college. Not that Omaha needed any help looking like a starter market...but this is embarassing. You can find "lookers" with at least one job on their resume, can't you?

Word is, 42 just hired another "right out of J-school" chick, too.

I guess they gotta pay for Jacim somehow.

the_s_man said...

calvert collins SUCKS as a yes..REPORTER SHE IS NOT!! she must have went to the suzanne deyo school of broadcasting! by the way..amy mclard is SIZZLIN!!

newsguy05 said...
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newsguy05 said...

trica takinawa, you couldn't be more right in your assessment of Calvert. deer in the headlights is the only way to describe her. the only standup ive seen of hers (since i cant stand to watch ktpm more than once a week or i have massive migraines) was god awful (and about 25 seconds long!) i mean c'mon, you've gotta be a little more compelling than calvert "not that hot" collins to put yourself on there for that long. it was in her story about a girl who ran away from home. she showed us how the girl walked into the laundry room before leaving home for the last time. she showed us each item she forgot (or purposely) did not take, then she walked over to the door to the outside, then it cut to thwe door FROM the outside, (pause to catch my breath)...THEN we see her emerge from the damn door, telling us thats where she left. thank you cal

joeygrisgris said...

Since no one got the sarcasm of my previous post about Calvert Collins being a "good" reporter, I'll at least mention it. But there is good news.....I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance.....yadda yadda yadda.

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