Thursday, July 07, 2005

Wednesday Night Alright for News

Two strong stories from Wednesday's 10 p.m. newscasts: one on Channel 7 and the other on Channel 3.

At KETV, Carol Kloss did an excellent job with a story that could've been a warmed-over version of others that've been done on the topic—drunk driving. Instead, Kloss exposed and then went after a guy with multiple drunk driving convictions who not only has slithered out from under more severe penalties due to a technicality, but who has also continued to drive, despite the revocation of his license.

In two particularly riveting (and, perhaps, dangerous) scenes, Kloss went calling at the man's home (he wouldn't come out) and then accosted him—in the dark—as he got out of his car after driving himself to work (in violation of his probation).

Kloss wrapped up the story focusing on one of his victims and suggesting that legislative action could close the loophole that allows these people to continue endangering others.

Over on Channel 3, Sarah Simmons Michelle Bandur showed just how much danger a Ralston man exposed his neighbors to when he decided to store 5,000 pounds of Class B fireworks in his garage. Simmons Bandur noted that even 50 pounds would've been lethal, and that, if ignited, the quantity of explosives in this particular garage could've levelled property and killed anyone within a block or two of the home.

She also gave viewers some perspective, noting that the 5,000 pounds of fireworks represents more than one company has used in six or seven four shows combined.

We frequently lambast local newsers for feeding viewers stories that aren't worth their time. Wednesday night's efforts demonstrated that there are stories worth doing and that local stations have the wherewithal to do them.

Editor's Note: Our apologies to Michelle Bandur for crediting her work to Simmons, who wasn't even on the air Wednesday.


Michelle Bandur said...

Hi Ted,
Thanks for the compliments on the Ralston Explosion story on KM3 News at Ten. Just want to make sure you are accurate, I reported the story. Sarah Simmons did not. She is on vacation. I take it as a compliment that you got me confused with Sarah Simmons. But at the same time, I was proud of the way the story turned out and would be remiss to not take credit for it. One correction on your comment, the local pyrotechnician used 3,000 pounds of fireworks for four shows, not six or seven. Jeff Belmont had 5,000 pounds of fireworks.
Take care,

Michelle Bandur
KM3 News Reporter

gerrishnut said...

Bandur is slowly becoming my favorite TV news person...

Gerrish be warned

Charter Membership VRWC said...

I was pleasantly surprised by Kloss' Wednesday report on Drunk Drivers. I've been critical of her in the past, (calling her Klutz, for a tendency toward overkilling a subject, once she's assigned to "investigate"), but found the Drunk Driver report to be complete and thorough. I'd STILL like to see some of the same kind of "in-your-face" reporting techniques used on the folks in Lincoln who know these loopholes exist, condone their existence, and still debate sandhills issues to the ad nauseum level, while problems that effect the lives of vast majorities of Nebraskans for decades to come, are ignored in favor of fences, land disputes, soil (read: SAND) erosion and jack-rabbit overpopulation. Again, with a platform like Channel 7, and, one would think that the level of media lobbying would have SOME effect, if the stories were done as well as last Wednesday's Drunk Driver expose'.

God Bless,

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