Monday, July 11, 2005

They skipped the "Old Wrinkled Nasty Whores" story for this?

We're eagerly anticipating Rob McCartney's Wednesday "investigation," the title of which makes us laugh out loud and cringe simultaneously. We know it's probably a very serious subject, but try saying "Senior Drug Mules" with a straight face. It can't be done.

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bandit75 said...

Not only do we have to worry about their diminished driving skills and reaction time, we now have to add drug running to the list. Can't wait to hear the background music they've chosen for this story. They did a story about a home invasion where a guy named Leron Sharp broke into a home and got shot by the homeowner. Leron took off and was "on the lamb". The best part of the story was the metal playing in the background. I could hear people in older demographics changing the channel all over town. Kudos to seven for spicing up their newscasts.

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