Monday, July 04, 2005

Sportscasts' Days May Be Numbered

Do consultants want to kill the local sportscast? A New Orleans newspaper columnist thinks the answer may be yes.

The Incredible Shrinking Sportscasts [New Orleans Times-Picayune]


bmattix said...

I think in some markets, local sports may be a dying breed...but a lot of that has been brought on by laziness. New Orleans isn't a very good example in this case, because WWL just owns that market. Since they've dominated in the ratings for so long, the other stations are vying for the scraps...and cutting where they can. In this case, they are cutting back in the sports department, even in a local sports haven like southeast LA.

Dude said...

More people do not care about local sports than do!

Will said...

I like sports fine, but I'm certainly not a fanatic about it. I know a few men (mostly) who truly have little on their minds other than sports, but I'm pretty sure that they're in the minority. It's probably a good idea to cut back on sports coverage, so there, at least, the consultants are on the right track.

Otherwise, I think consultants are far too market driven. I understand that tv news is a business, but consultants tend to take that way too far, sensationalizing news and turning it into entertainment for the masses.

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