Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Now This Is How to Respond to a Critique

Harry Flansburg from KM3 posted this in the Comments section in response to our remarks about his Independence Day story/camerawork. It's so honest and free of ego that we thought it was worthy of posting on the main page.

My name is Harry and I'm the one who shot the story about the flags at Ashland Cemetary with Niver.

You're right, I did go a little overboard with the "low angles" but it was fun shooting the story that way. First of all, those flag poles are like.....25 feet high, so you kind of have to shoot up. And secondly, my tripod only goes up so far. Also, what might have seemed a little disorienting was that I used a wide angle lens in that piece. I used it a frickin' ton. Maybe too much, but with all that blue sky and sunshine, I thought the colors poppin' out of "Old Glory" looked bad ass. I guess you could say I was feeling patriotic, it was the Fourth and all.

But yeah, I did pound out that low angle a lot. I'll keep it in check. During the interviews with the war veterans, I framed two of the guys "straight on" and the third I shot "very" low angle. I was trying to mix it up a little, you know, not every interview looking totally generic and trying to get the flags behind him. He is a WWII vet who loves and fought for his country so I felt obligated to shoot him low giving him a look of pride.

Anyway, thanks for the input, it's appreciated........photojournalism is a learning process and not a perfect art form.


mitch said...

I think it says a lot - not only that Mr. Flansburg responded - but responded the way he did.

I saw the story. To be honest - I don't believe there were too many low angle shots... the story called for them.

The piece was well done.

eye on omaha said...

you'd be hard pressed to find a better photographer in Omaha than Harry. he's flanstastick!

runbluffsrun said...

and how many POY's?

theguesswho said...

Harry, You're a good photog and all of us would do well to receive criticism, but I'm not sure why you or anyone in local media would feel the need to respond to Ted's criticism. You don't work with him, you are don't answer to him, you aren't paid by him, and you really don't know how objective or informed his criticism is. Man...the day local media start believing they need the approval of an anonymous blogger is a sad one indeed.

pia said...

Why do we all keep reading and accepting this criticism from an unknown?

We are all deeply troubled reading what "Ted" has to say on a regular basis!

whatsaBevacqua said...

For what it's worth, I agree with Trav...why should seasoned professionals like Harry have to answer to some pencil necked geeks who get their jollys watching TIVO'd local morning shows in their parents basements and writing about it. Sad day inded.

Ted Brockman said...

It's very flattering that pia and theguesswho not only keep reading but think what's here is important enough to comment on. Thanks, you guys. You're the greatest!

Casual Observer said...

It didn't look like this guy was looking for anyone's approval.

Sounds like theguesswho and pia are pissed that "ted" doesn't sing their praises.

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