Tuesday, July 05, 2005

News Flash: TV Can Make You Stupid

Newspapers are touting studies showing that too much TV-watching hurts kids' academic performance. Like, duh.

What they ought to focus on is the impact on adults' intelligence. We're convinced that ten minutes spent watching Channel 7's Suzanne Deyo or Andrea Bredow leaves us dumber.

Studies: Too Much TV May Inhibit Learning [Newsday]


BadGod said...

Ok, you've done it. You've gone too far. Andrea is the best thing to happen to morning news. I love the way she does the weather. The way you can tell she really doesn't want to be up that early. The "let's just get this crap over with, so I can go home and go back to sleep" way she has. C'mon, man! I love the way John tries to give her shit or something and she just laughs and looks at him. You can tell she just wants to be out of there. Plus, I think she is hot.

Midtown said...

What are you doing ripping on Andrea. Obviously you have never met her or spoken with her. She is the most intelligent one on that morning show sporting a ridiculously high IQ (they did a test on the show one morning she was like 140). Not to mention she is alright to look at. What's the issue has she turned you down at the grocery store or something.

Ted Brockman said...

Gotta disagree with you here, midtown. First, I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in any IQ test that can be administered during the course of a morning news program. Something tells me you're not going to find a lot of validity or reliability there.

Second, while she may be pleasant as a spring breeze off-air, and from the neck down, she looks pretty good, neither of those keep her from sounding like she has food in her mouth when she talks, nor do they make her seem any less lost during a severe weather outbreak.

gerrishnut said...

She's no Cournty Gerrish I tell ya.

She comes off a a dumb box of rocks.

She wears a bra 2 sizes too small and a shirt 3 sized too small.

She is the best thing to look at in the morning in this city since Gerrish no longer graces our morning TV sets.

bandit75 said...

I don't think Andrea is the best thing that has happened to morning news, but I will say I love her 'who gives a shit' approach to weathercasting. Anybody could look scholarly next to Omarosa anyway. When John was on vacation, there were several shots with Omarosa joining Andrea at the chroma-key and Ms. Bredow looked like she wanted to choke Omarosa out.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

She wears a bra 2 sizes too small and a shirt 3 sized too small.

I for one, will tell you that there's not enough of that in Omaha TV!

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