Monday, July 11, 2005

Monkeys Seize KPTM Control Room

Either that, or it was "blindfold day" at Channel 42. Viewers trying to catch the end of the Red Sox-Orioles game and the Fox postgame show were treated to at least four interruptions in a span of about ten minutes. The interruptions included a couple of 20-second clips of "Friends," a station ID, and part of a commercial.

What's going on there? Are they just letting people come in off the street and poke around? Aren't there any requirements for working there?


Will said...

Hey! Let's not besmirch the good name of monkeys by mentioning them in the same breath as KPTM control room personnel.

omatvwatcher said...

I take it no one will mention the monkeys that were running the control room during KETV's 11:30 show this morning (7/15)...

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