Friday, July 01, 2005

Kloss Investigates Bad Judgment

Carol Kloss' "investigation" on KETV's 10 p.m. Thursday newscast ended up being less about past due child support than it was an eye-opening look at women with extraordinarily bad taste in men.

This first night of July sweeps piece featured a 29-year-old dandy named Nathan Leet, who has fathered five children by five different women and has an 18-year-old girlfriend, who is also pregnant. (He seems to have an eye for the younger ladies; one of the five moms says she became pregnant when she was 16.)

"He's a charmer," one of the women says, "when he wants to be." Indeed.

This "charmer" appeared to be a real piece of work, claiming that he'd been given the "short end of the stick," even though he abandoned two women shortly after each learned she was pregnant; what's more, he apparently neither lives with, nor helps raise, any of the five kids. This must fill the 18-year-old girlfriend with hope for the future.

Poor old Nathan told Kloss he took a two-month vacation and (wouldn't you know it?) fell behind on his payments. Now all these mean women are trying to get the money out of him, and he's trying to get a judge to agree with him that asking him to pay $1,300 a month is too much. What a pile.

The most heartbreaking part of the story came when his second oldest son didn't even know who Kloss was talking about when she asked about his "dad," and when viewers got to hear from the oldest of Leet's children, a 10-year-old-boy who said he'd really just like his dad to spend more time with him.

Just as disturbing are the six women who thought that sleeping with this guy was a good idea. Their powers of discernment as parents don't seem much better. One kid was shown sitting about two feet from the TV eating a bowl of spaghetti, while viewers were treated to footage of another engrossed in his X-Box. Not only are these youngsters without a dad, their moms are apparently allowing the television to raise them.

The story itself aggravated a few of our alert readers. One reports getting "sucked into watching" the report, "but I went away feeling like I had tuned into a Jerry Springer show." Moreover, she asks, "shouldn't investigative reporting [offer] a solution?"

Another alert reader offers no solution but has a suggestion "for Carol and anyone that plans on doing stories like this in the future; if you want us to feel sorry for the kids or moms because they aren't getting child support, don't show several shots of the kids playing XBOX on a TV in their own room. At least have their moms dress them like Tiny Tim. Try to make it look like the kids are suffering because their dad can't make the $200 a month child support payment."

Here's our solution, directed toward these women and others who may find themselves with this sort of "charmer": this case is the reason adults kept telling you not to have sex before you were old enough and responsible enough to make good decisions. If you'd kept this moron at arm's length, you wouldn't be in this predicament. More importantly, five innocent kids wouldn't be paying for your stupidity.


Damon Scott Hynes said...

Dead on. *I* don't even have an Xbox, but my tax dollars bought one for that mouthbreathing momma.

Charles said...

The judgment in a companion can sometimes be explained. Kids can make bad decisions and if this man is "charming" his way into their lives, he is probably more responsible than the the women he faults.

What gets me worse than anything is seeing cases where peoples wants are thought of as needs. One story on a welfare mother who was not getting enough to feed and clothe her half-a-dozen or so children did her TV interview in front of her 52 inch projection TV on her leather sofa.

The news stations should shame themselves for passing this off as a person in dire situations.

I would agree more poeple need to offer solutions rather than to exploit a persons weakness for a ratings gain.

gerrishnut said...

Typical of Kloss' style not to hit that piece of crap with any real questions.

As for the morons he knocked up, he did have a point, it does take two. If you are not smart enough to realize that just because a guy feeds you a line of crap about how great you are, does not mean you should jump in the sack (or back seat)and expect him to be a supportive father. It's half your fault.

Charter Membership VRWC said...

Anyone can track these creeps, fairly easily. Offering viable solutions may not be part of the initial journalistic endeavor, when it comes to "investigations,"but it would certainly add something the to effort to boost the numbers, (which is why Klutz is assigned these attempts, in the first place), and the "tough questions" probably didn't even occur to her, before she got back to the station, and began editing the tape.

Most times, when these complete wastes of protoplasm get themselves involved in these dead-end relationships, it's because they're looking for their fathers, who abandoned them, in the first place. Their mothers taught them to throw ALL their cards onto the table, every time they confronted the POS, thereby giving up all their power, in dealing with him later. No amount of advice, education, or counseling will ever help the poor things(??), until someone does something about the educational system that either promotes or ignores these kinds of real life issues.

There are cases, today, before the "investigators" who work for the DHHS in Nebraska, where the biological fathers are molesting their seven year old daughters, through the simple act of bathing with them, (Yes, in a bathtup and a shower), but because there's been no "revelation by a victim," the case is ignored, "until that happens." Guess what! Pedophilia is an incurrable, untreatable, condition, and until our society takes a hard-line position against the worst of the worst, the cases of non-support, no matter how heinous, will always take a back seat.

God Bless,

pia said...

That is an awful presumption on your part omanews that these women are allowing tv and xbox to raise thier kids...ever heard of b-roll?
I don't think the point of that story was to get you to feel sorry for the moms or the deadbeat but to bring attention to the problems in the child support system, this one was just an extreme example but it obviously caught your attention.
As far as having a solution to every investigation sometimes the solution is telling an interesting story that brings it to the attention of the public.
You can't expect one news story to solve problems of this magnitude.

Ted Brockman said...

We're not assuming anything, pia. We said the kids were apparently being raised by the TV; that is, the story made it appear that way. While we know what a b-roll is, one needn't know any insider jargon to understand the appearance created by the story.

Melody said...

I think really if everyone that gets stirred up over these kind of stories (either in favor of them or against them) paid more attention to what was going on with their own families and friends instead of passing judgement on the ones in the story...we might not have as many stories like these. Granted he seems like a complete ass for having 5 kids with 5 different women (soon to be 6) that he can't financially support and obviously doesn't emotionally support (in my opinion the time he spends with them is just as important as the money he he should have the decency to at least acknowledge their existance, other than to complain about the money he has to give them) and the women each seem pretty naive for falling for him after his track record...we don't actually know the full story, or know each of them personally. My point being...the story should be taken more for it's surface meaning (which I believe someone already said) of the fact that our child support system is seriously flawed. Or even that our society has a problem with having more children than they can afford to take care of. You choose...but either way...that's all just my opinion.

whatsaBevacqua said...

"apparently" omanews crew thinks that some staged video of these kids mending their holey socks and underwear or fighting over the last crust of bread would have been better. NEWS FLASH, this isn't staged "reality" TV, the photographers shoot it as it happens. And if anyone thinks that using some political type talking heads suggesting thier "solution" would have made this story more compelling you've gotta be kidding me.

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