Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I don't know if you heard me counting. I did over a thousand.

First, several alert readers have corrected our identification of KHGI as a Grand Island station. Depending on whom you believe, KHGI (a.k.a. "NTV") is in Kearney or Axtell. Whatever. It's out there in the middle of the state somewhere.

Second, another alert reader pointed out that new KETV weekend sports anchor Matt Schick's bio seems to suggest that he was the play-by-play announcer for Colorado's football and basketball teams. Unless CU has turned its radio contract over to undergrad broadcasting students, we're guessing that this is a case of Schick glorifying his work for a campus station.

While we don't want to pick on the poor guy too much before he gets here, some things are too tempting to pass up. Among them:
  • Prior to becoming the voice of the Buffaloes, Schick says, he grew up watching SportsCenter and that he “started making mock newscasts" when he "was young and geeky.” When was this? Like six months ago?
  • Among his hobbies, he includes "lifting weights." Who wants to bet that he refers to his biceps as "Mr. Jack Johnson" and "Tom O'Leary"?

We highly recommend the entire "meet the team" page on the NTV website; it contains an inordinate number of staffers—none of whom appears older than 25—who claim to have done very important work in New York, California, Phoenix, and other impressive-sounding markets. The station must have a very sweet compensation package, since that's the only plausible reason for such accomplished young talents to be working in Kearney, Nebraska. (For those of you whose sarcasm sensors are on the fritz, that was sarcasm.)

Incidentally, if NTV's owner, Pappas Telecasting (which also owns Omaha's KPTM) would put as much money into the Fox 42 news operation as it appears to plow into its NTV website, the Omaha station might have a fighting chance of putting together a decent product.


Martin said...

The station is run out of Kearney, with an outlet in Grand Island with its tower out of Axtell. This guy isn't bad. He had a radio show on Power 99 for quite a while.

Wait until he does a show. Then thrash him.

KHGI Alumni said...

Did they move NTV into Kearney recently? Since when is the studio not right next to the tower?

Tricia Takinawa said...

"Schuetz & Schick"?

throw in a "schanizzle" and you've got a 30 minute special!

The marketing possibilities for KETV Sports are endless!

Maybe Schuetz can teach Schick how to read his live shots from a clipboard!

or better yet...Matt can learn to throw a live fit from a Huskers road game!

jmsqabq said...

The reason there are so many people at NTV from so many parts of the country is that there are always openings. It's widely known as a place where you can at least compete for a job (if you're not absolutely horrible.) In NTV's defense a lot of decent Omaha talent got their start there.

Flutie6 said...

Including Sean McMahon

Radiogeek said...

Others from NTV:
Tracy Madden
Megan Dardenell
Amanda Mueller

I can't remember the others...
when they stick around for about 2-3 yrs, it is hard to remember all of them......

jmsqabq said...

Highest profile NTV alum in Omaha??? Rob McCartney.

omatvwatcher said...

Highest profile NTV alumns on TV?

Marge Helgenberger/CSI former weather person

Linda Vester/FOX newschannel
former reporter, late 80's

theguesswho said...

Are you sure on the Linda Vester NTV connection ? Ive checked out several bios of her and none of them mention NTV.

omatvwatcher said...

I've seen the tape, from 1987...NTV's did a series looking at former talent, and where they are now... including Linda Vester, who did an interview about her experience there from one of the FOX studios.

LilRed80 said...

I am originally from central Nebraska and know for a fact that Linda Vester worked at NTV. I am also friends with a few people that work for NTV and have heard them say that NTV does not pay well, but they use it for experience. Schick will be a great asset to Channel 7. I look forward to seeing him on air.

DarthSchrader said...

Bob Geiger looks the exact same as he did in 1985 when I moved to Nebraska. Same glasses...same combover...same "Stephen King" but thinner look.

I heard that NTV tried to get him to leave by offering him a severance package of a sandwich, a juice box, and a $25 Series EE U.S. Savings Bond, (an unprecedented retirement package in NTV's history) but Bob refused.

It's nice to see that some fresh-faced smart-alecky kid with bigger aspirations didn't dethrone Central Nebraska's institution known as 'Bob Geiger'.

LilRed80 said...

Bob actually just had major heart sugury. It was pretty serious. He is just doing weekends now when needed. I agree with you, Bob has not changed since I can remember. I have met him in person and he looks good on tv!

Martin said...

Vester landed her first professional job in Kearney, Nebraska. “I was the cameraman, I was the tape editor, I was the producer, I was the TelePrompTer operator, I was everything,” Vester says. “The job was such an education....I would go home bone-tired, as everyone did in that newsroom because we worked so hard.” At the time, she was earning $11,000, sharing a $125-a-month apartment with a friend, driving a ‘77 orange Chevette she referred to as “the great pumpkin,” and eating a lot of macaroni and cheese.

“I can remember my mom and dad coming to visit me in Kearney. My mom was horrified because I was making so little that I was sleeping on a sofa—kind of like Mary Tyler Moore,” Vester recalls. “She was so alarmed that I did not have a bed....But it was fun in an ‘I’m taking chances’ kind of way. I didn’t want my parents to support me. I wanted to prove that I could do it by myself.”

After Kearney, Vester hooked up with NBC in 1990 as a researcher and producer based in New York

jeff said...

How many have ever watched NTV news or weather. There is no investigative reporting it's simply them reporting what authorities have given them. Heaven forbid this station would actually stand up and do a news story thats no written by the person their interviewing. Then we come to the weather dept with a group of men that appear to be to scared to even be on the air. They all stutter and the graphics appear to be 1970's technology. What a joke this station is, pure fantasy land.

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