Thursday, July 14, 2005

The First Step Is Admitting You Have a Problem

Sweet Mother of Pearl! We don't post for a couple of days and people start sending emails like crack addicts who realize their dealer has skipped town.

Relax. We just got busy with other stuff and didn't have time to catch much local news.

It's interesting to note that we get almost as many visitors to the page when we don't write as when we do. Go figure.

Just so you know: the posts here will be somewhat sporadic until after Labor Day, and we'll have no posts at all from July 20th through August 2nd. Pace yourselves accordingly.


King Vernon said...

Watching KM# news at 7:27ish. When talking to the Asst. Fire Chief about the fire at Wintergreen, there was a shot of the Channel 6 reporter. It was the one with short brunette hair. Don't know her name, and no pic on the site.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

Rebecca Kleeman?

King Vernon said...

yup it was Rebecca

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