Thursday, July 14, 2005

Another One Flies the Coop

An informed source tells us this afternoon that Matt Meyer is leaving or has already left KPTM. Meyer has been at the station seemingly forever, going back at least seven years. More on this story as it develops.


Will said...

Meyer stinks.

Back in the morning show days, he had the cushiest job in the history of employment. He'd just pop up every now and then and "report" some story he read in Variety or Entertainment Weekly.
Of course that whole show was a giant, steaming pile of excrement (except for Grace Polanski), so he fit right in.

nwzblues said...

take it from someone who knows, will, working at kptm is never a cushy job, no matter what role you have. and as for matt meyer, his days on the morning show are long over and since then, he's worked his ass off at a station that treats their employees like crap. he has a lot of friends there and i hope he knows he'll be missed.

fullacheese said...

Matt Meyer is let's say...ummm quirky...but nwzblues hit it right on the head. He has worked his butt off for next to nothing and has taken his lumps along the way. He is a terrific person who has even been known to volunteer to work on Christmas for a co-worker so she could be with her family. He's worked ridiculous schedules and never been rewarded properly for any of it. He was the reason there was a bit of fun in that newsroom. There's a huge shake-up at 42 and Matty's exit is only one sad piece of it. Best wishes Little One!!!!!

Will said...

Well, I take it all back. Matt really does sound like a great guy, and I hope everything works out for him.

And I'm not being sarcastic. There aren't enough good guys in this world, and if he's one of them, more power too him.

hadtospeak said...

matt is a great guy and he'll land on his feet. he has talent and he cares about people. we all support you, matt, and it looks like your last day was still productive. heard the news yet?

philspace said...

no tears should be shed over matt meyer's demise.
if a news station needs a social director (read: good time drinking and party buddy) somewhere-- he should be their number one choice.
if they are looking for someone who believes in actually "reporting" news, learning something new on a daily basis, serving their community by exercising their right of free speech, actually producing a story that doesn't begin with a news release and might take some effort to report-- then meyer should not come close to making their job prospect list.
so called "tv reporters" like meyer give the business a bad name.
shallow, sloppy and "whatever" attitudes like his would not be tolerated at a real news station. i guarantee you no one across town will be rushing to offer him anything on air unless they need an entertainment, feature whore.
to cry because meyer worked a lot of shifts or didn't make a lot of money is ridiculous.
in seven years he had plenty of time to get good, get his act together and get the hell out of that station (if it was so awful).
for years he effectively stole from his company, his co-workers and the community he purported to serve by (merely showing up and )offering a half-assed and at times very unprofessional effort.
he and his sympathizers should have been shown the door years ago.
wake-up and realize being a tv journalist is about hard work, not face time, after all there is public access if that's your real goal.

fullacheese said...

"Bitter" ... party of one ... your table is ready. My, my ... some harsh criticism, philspace. Take a deep breath that was alot of angst for one reply.

trampoline85 said...

hey, philspace, ever been a kptm news director? your same old attitude is coming through. how's the job search going?

get over it said...

Now that the 2 KPTM staffers (or 1 staffer and 1 former staffers as of last Friday) who didn't like Matt have said their peace, let's discuss what the real problem was at that station-the News Director. If Matt was so terrible for the company, why keep him around so long? It's because the line of laziness extended straight from Doug's office.

(In defense of the station, everyone who works there is not lazy because I know of people there who are driven and talented at what they do. They are simply stuck at a place who's owner doesn't actually care about the news.)

DarthSchrader said...

What TV person is not angry and childish?

Here are some examples for you, that I experienced. The names have been changed to protect the talking head involved.


Me: Hey, Bob. You've got some lint on your sportcoat.

TV Jerk: F*** YOU.

Me: Um, no...seriously. I'm not messing with you. I just thought you ought to know.

TV Jerk: I really don't need this S*** today.


Me: In that segment, you accidentally said 'Bilogy' instead of 'Biology'.

TV JERK 2: No I didn't.

Me: Yes you did. We can replay it.

TV JERK 2: I know what I said.

Me: If you'll see here... (cueing up tape)

TV JERK 2: Look, YOU deal with it. I have to cover a pancake feed in 45 minutes.

Me: How about a quick retake?

TV JERK 2: (Leaves production room. Ends up looking like an idiot when segment airs.)


TV JERK 2: I thought I told you to take care of that. I look stupid now.

Me: I told you we needed to redo that.

TV JERK 2: When I tell you to take care of something, I expect you to do it.

Me: Will do.


Me: Hey, Ravis. You spelled a few words wrong in your online rant.

TV JERK 3: (Sarcastically) Thanks. I'll get right on it.

Me: Your welcome. I just thought you would....

TV JERK 3: I said 'THANK YOU'.

Me: Um, okay. You also spelled your own name wrong.

TV JERK 3: Right....sure.

Me: Well, you did.

TV JERK 3: You know what? I type this in Word, and copy and paste it over. Sometimes that happens when you do that?

Me: So, when you copy and paste a Word document, it spells certain things incorrectly?

TV JERK 3: Look, I think I said thank you earlier.

And that's a synapsis of how some TV people are.

Colorbars said...

Think back about five years ago. All I'm going to say is what comes around goes around.

kas111375 said...

After he left KPTM, does anyone know what market/station Matt Meyer ended up in?

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