Tuesday, June 07, 2005

You Can't Spell KDUH Without DUH

Check out the brainiacs who can't even keep a job at Scottsbluff station KDUH. Is there a station lower in the food chain for these two to land at? Seems unlikely, but you never know. Does Benkelman, Nebraska have a station?
KDUH Reporters Arrested For Erasing Video Tapes


Will said...

This story would be even funnier if the station's call letters were KDOH.

There must be some serious bad blood between the station and those two reporters (who I'm guessing resigned "upon request"). At the very most, I would have expected the station to sue them.

I wonder if this will hurt these guys' careers? Broadcasting (especially television)is like a club; it's very hard to get into but once you're in, you're in for good (how else can you explain how Paul Baltes gets a job?).

omatvwatcher said...

Here's one of the culprits blogs:

kingofthestupidpeople said...

Didn't take long for that particular blog to be ripped right of the web.

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