Monday, June 27, 2005

Wysocki Done at KPTM

Meteorologist Dean Wysocki, who was being shoved aside for a new meteorologist (former KETV weathercaster Tyson Pearsall) had been scheduled to remain at the station through September 10th (as reported last week in a Lincoln Journal-Star article).

It turns out, however, that Wysocki's last broadcast was Friday, probably due to comments attributed to him in the aformentioned article and in Sean Weide's column in this week's Reader. In both, Wysocki expresses dissatisfaction with what he calls the station's outdated weather forecasting tools.

For now, Wysocki plans to return to his hometown of Chicago to regroup and figure out where he's headed next.

His departure is likely to be followed in fairly short order by that of Channel 42 anchor Taylor Wilson, who has been looking for some time now, and by veteran reporter Matt Meyer whose ad appeared recently at MediaLine.

KPTM to Replace Wysocki [Lincoln Journal-Star]


janetdoe said...

Bring back Ron Gerard! If you are going to watch the lame-ass KPTM news, you might as well have a good time. It's sad to watch as they try and be "as good as" the other three stations in town and fail. All these anchors and reporters giving it all they have and STILL sucking terribly. You feel so embarrassed for them.

Instead, they should just go the other direction and make it as funny as they can. Get a news anchor as goofy and clueless as JJ Davis is with sports. Bring back Ron "Weird Science" Gerard.

I'd watch that for the laughs!!

Sidebar Sam said...

They get rid of Dean Wysocki but keep that goofball JJ Davis? Who is running the freakin' show over there?

sportz-guy said...

KPTM is a blip on the radar of Omaha TV and always will be. They claim to be "committed to news", but in reality should just be "committed" !

weatherwoman said...

Man you guys are harsh. I like KPTM news. They are really getting better in my book - love JJ Davis too. I know it's been years but I wish that Grace Polanski (was that her name?) was still on. Also, I can watch the news and get my lame butt in bed early.

DarthSchrader said...

Rumor around the sewing circle is that Dean was told to never interrupt 'American Idol' under any circumstances. Well, a pesky severe thunderstorm warning sounds off, and Dean decided to make KPeeTM just like the big 3 stations...err...big two stations in Omaha. He broke in, and told people about a severe weather event.

That will be cool for Dean when he has his next job interview.
"Why were you fired from your last job?"

"I alerted folks about a severe thunderstorm warning during 'American Idol'."

"Well, did you say the 'F' word or something during your broadcast?"

"No...that was the sports guy who is still employed there. I just informed people about a severe weather event."

"Um....uh...GREAT! You're hired."

"Thanks. Do you have radar that is not 20,000 years old?"

Good luck Dean. You deserve better.

Erich said...

Tyson Pearsall came from KOLN/KGIN in Lincoln, NOT KETV!

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