Monday, June 13, 2005

Weekend Wandering

• Several readers have written asking why WOWT weekend anchor Courtny Gerrish was missing from the desk this weekend. We have no idea, but we agree with those who've suggested that it seems she's been absent quite a bit lately. For lack of a better explanation, we'll assume she's just catching up on vacation time. But given that she appears to have been passed over for the "Live at Four" anchor/reporter slot despite eight or nine years of excellent work at the Big Six, we wouldn't be surprised to hear that she's out exploring other options.

• Speaking of the Big Six, what was going on in the control room during Sunday night's Ten at Ten? At times, it appeared that someone was randomly hitting buttons and switching from one camera to another. It happened once or twice early in the 'cast, with anchor Paul Baltes reading the news, and then, when meterologist Jeff Jensen was beginning his "Upfront Weather" segment, we got a double box—on the left, Baltes sitting with his chin in his hand and then looking startled to see himself on the monitor, and on the right, sports anchor John Chapman staring straight-faced into the camera. It lasted maybe two seconds, but we came away with the impression that Wally the High School Intern had been left to run things in the booth.

• We kept intending to mention it last week, but Channel 3 unveiled a new look for its website. According to Sean Weide's "Media Notes" column in The Reader, the redesign is intended to underscore the station's emphasis on severe weather. This is a noticeable change from the previous layout, which tended to underscore KM3's emphasis on Travis Justice.

• Since we haven't mentioned Justice lately, when will the bigwigs at KMTV give up on this guy? Giving him a whole segment every night is like spraying viewer repellent on every TV screen in the region. It's not like he's getting any better, or that he's growing on viewers. Look at the ratings. Every time he brays "Thaaaaaaat's 'For What It's Worth,'" the dozen or so people who are still tuned in (we're not counting the deaf or the mentally retarded) are probably wondering why the station doesn't give old Trav more vacation time. Or better yet, a permanent vacation.


gerrishnut said...

WOWT has wasted the talents of Ms. Gerrish for years. I hope she does not leave, but it wouldn't suprise me either.

At least Brummer has gotten her new station's call letters down.

Thurston said...

The monkeys running the control room on Sundays at WOWT just crack me up. That wasn't the first time they said "Hey, let's push this!" It's almost as entertaining as KPTM.

David said...

Kidding me right? The "For What It's Worth" segment with T-Justice is the only thing on local news "worth" watching. I can skip the national news given by our local media.(yikes) And the ten minutes of weather graphics. Yawn!
The "For What It's Worth segment "is" what the average person wants to see. ~David

travia said...

I have to agree with the original comment. Is it just a coincidence that since Travis has joined KM3 that KPTM has closed the gap. They should be concentrating on promoting Petersen he is the real talent there. If you like Travis talking himself to the state of hyperventilation then listen to his radio show while it is still on. Yikes!

JJSOmaha said...

Yea I wish we'd see more of Courtney...she's the only good looking one on WOWT

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