Thursday, June 09, 2005

That Is So Crutch

We probably owe Michael Born at least a partial apology. As reader, frequent commenter, and bastion of level-headed thinking "janetdoe" reminds us,

Don't fault Michael Borne [sic] becuase [sic] WOWT made the choice to hire him for a job in a market that is way over his skill-level. . . . . The thing you point out about the hydration obsession is just an example of a concept that should never be minimized: It's a crutch. Just like when Malory [sic] Maddox says "turning to weather" 3-4 times a morning becuase [sic] she has nothing better to say (ok, the meteorologist is right beside you, and you are turning your head toward him -- do you really need to TELL us that you are "turning to weather"?).

All too often, as we have frequently mentioned, we tend to vent our frustration in the direction of the on-air personnel, rather than at the more appropriate target: their bosses. Yeah, the talent should be professional and self-critique and self-correct things like crutches. But there should also be someone managerial who works to bring these people along, someone who nudges them to be better all the time.

Instead, the muckety-mucks at 6 seem content to lean on their own crutches, sending their people out to deliver the same tired newscast they've been doing for the last eight or ten years. It's little wonder that Born and Maddox are sporting crutches; in the apparent absence of guidance, they shouldn't be judged too harshly for following their leader(s).


gerrishnut said...

It was nice to see new hire Brummer almost screw up her new stations call letters on Wed.

Just another top flight pick up for the Big 6.

peanut said...

While you're at it you should also apologize to Borne for calling him a molester. This blog is pushing the lawsuit boderline.

Ted Brockman said...

No one called him a molester, Perry Mason. A 10-year-old kid said he looked like one. Big difference. It's hysterical-sounding reactions like yours and a penchant for taking offense that are behind the glut of frivolous lawsuits that plague America today.

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