Monday, June 06, 2005

Tan, Rested, and Ready

We're back from our self-imposed hiatus and ready for action. Some random notes, just for warm-up:

• There's nothing like a trip to the panhandle to renew one's appreciation for the news operations in the 76th largest market in the US. Take KDUH in Scottsbluff, for example. There's an anchor there who must be at least 17 and who has all the charisma of chalk. Her delivery is so stiff, she makes Suzanne Deyo look like Oprah. And the production values? Let's just say that there are worse stations than KPTM.

• What's the deal with Ryan McPike rushing to the studio whenever there's severe weather on the weekend? It happened on Saturday, with McPike pushing aside Sarah Walters for airtime. It's understandable when Channel 7's Bill Randby does it; without him, Andrea Bredow and marble-mouthed Chuck McWilliams are pretty much helpless. But Walters is every bit as capable as McPike, if not more so. He should stay home (or at least off-camera) and let Walters do her stuff.

Sean Weide, writing in this week's Reader, reports that new morning co-anchor Jimmy Siedlicki is scheduled to join the sparkling Malorie Maddox beginning on June 20th. By the way: how long does a person have to be at WOWT before getting a vacation? Poor Mal's been there since November, with only a few days off here and there. Having anchored solo probably 20 percent of that time and, since Trey Jones' departure, producing and delivering the midday 'cast, she's earned some time off, hasn't she?

• Tell us this: If Siedlicki, who has a job, can get here by June 20th, what's holding up the arrival of the unemployed Sheila Brummer from Des Moines? Brummer was announced as Tracy Madden's replacement at the beginning of May but has yet to surface.

UPDATE: At the end of the midday news, Maddox promo'd "Live at 4" with Brian Mastre and the aforementioned Brummer.

• Are we the only ones who think Julie Cornell always looks like she smells something nasty? She didn't always have this look, did she?

• And while we're asking questions, why is there a telethon for children's hospitals? Hospitals are, when you get down to it, businesses, whether they're technically for-profit or not-for-profit. Isn't having a telethon for them a little like raising money for Blue Cross and Blue Shield (a "not-for-profit" operation) or Spaghetti Works? (This isn't a jab at Channel 6, by the way—the "raise money for children's hospitals" racket is a longstanding tradition all over the country, one that even pre-dates the CMN phenomenon.)


Cogitor said...

Ah yes...severe weather again. Time for the incessant interruptions and graphics taking up a third of my screen area.

To all station managers: It doesn't matter if it's McPike, Randby, Flowers, or that lady who played Mother Nature in the margarine commercials, the fact is that once you tell me it's going to rain and hail (and I am observing rain and hail), I will believe you. You don't have to interrupt every 3 minutes, or stay on the air showing me which block is getting hail the size of anteaters and which is getting hail the size of house flys. Anyone with any sensory abilities can tell when we're in the midst of a thunderstorm. When a tornado is on the way, THEN you can interrupt a second time, or stay on the air. I can't do anything about the rain or hail, but if I turn on the TV and see regular programming, I can be relatively assured that a tornado is not about to sweep me away. That's the way it used to be, and it worked just fine.

All of that airtime isn't about the public interest. It's about touting your Skywalker Radar, Viper, DopplarInfinity, or whatever your station has paid for and wants to use to try to convince us that the information you receive from NOAA models is more accurate than the information that other stations receive from NOAA models. You're desensitizing your viewers. Save the break ins for serious situations, not for pea-size hail reports and heavy rain. If I'm out in it, I already know there's heavy rain and hail. If I'm inside watching you, I'm protected from rain and hail. Just tell me if a tornado is coming so I can move to the basement.

Will said...

Glad you're back.

Regarding the severe weather coverage. While it might seem odd to bring in the big guns on a Saturday night thunderstorm, but this is, really, a "weather market" and you can bet that both of these stations will trumpet the fact that their big guns were in the building an on duty when severe weather threatened the heatland. I understand that. I also understand the need to gain every advantage in a competitive market. But what I can't stand is that this "be there first" mentality has led to all of the Omaha stations going to battle stations at the merest hint of severe weather. What's funny about this is that WOWT seems not to care. Jim Flowers was there, but working off the air.

I don't think it's so odd that Malorie Maddox has had few, if any, days off. It is entirely possible that Ms. Maddox is simply the type of person who doesn't take a lot of days off. I mean, I don't exactly consider myself a workaholic, but I haven't taken as much as a day off in at least a year or so.

King Vernon said...

Wether Alerts, I hate KPTM alerts, they always play that chord ever 3 mins. It really is annoying, really annoyying.

gradstudent said...

Why do you keep removing my posts, Brockman? Was it because I called you an idiot windbag or was it because I found out you were out there in the panhandle packing sand up your ass last week?

Enjoy it now...Your negative, slanderous comments will oneday haunt you.

janetdoe said...

"Packing sand up your ass"? Real nice. Loser.

Ted, please eradicate this simple MF at every opportunity.

Ted Brockman said...

Hey, I deleted at least five or six upon my return, all of which contained some variation of the "packing sand" remark. But the little cuss was so persistent, I thought I'd let everyone get a taste of his witticisms and deliver their opinions about him. Sometimes shining the light of day on people like this is the best way to deal with them.

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