Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sheila's Shifting History

As noted earlier, new WOWT anchor/reporter Sheila Brummer's bio on the Big Six website was posted Monday. Among other things, it says that she "grew up watching Channel 6 while growing up on a farm in Western Iowa." Other than awkward phrasing, nothing odd there, right?

Well. While we were trying to Google up a picture of Brummer to put in place of the "Picture Coming Soon" space-filler linked from the WOWT website, we stumbled onto her bio from KCCI in Des Moines. For some reason, that account says that "Sheila grew up on a farm in central Iowa" (italics added for emphasis).

We have to wonder if her bio during her time at a Wisconsin station described her as being raised on a farm in "America's Dairyland."

A quick look at a map of Iowa counties reveals that those named by this former "Four County Fair Queen" (Harrison, Shelby, Monona, and Crawford) are clearly in the western part of the state. So it's not like this is a case where you could say, "well, some people consider it western Iowa but others think of it as central Iowa." It's not even close.

We're not suggesting that this is scandalous. But what would motivate someone to (apparently) fudge on something so mundane? Is she so eager to fit in that she's willing to bend the truth if needed? Or is she just really bad at geography? - KCCI - Sheila Brummer


Will said...

Minor stuff.

I figure Brummer is the eager-to-please type and just wants her bio to be more "local" than it actually is so folks won't think she's some sort of shifty foreiger or something.

Zach said...

Honestly, can we lay off Sheila for just a little while? I'm from Des Moines, and I don't know how she's doing in Omaha, but she did a knock up job here. On the air for three straight hours and her smile and enthusiasm were always the same from 5am to 8 am. The only reason she was let go here in Des Moines was because KCCI's morning show was in second place, but barely (KCCI is a CBS affiliate, WHO is NBC--WHO has the Today show, KCCI has the Early show). You guys are just being too nitpicky with her, give Sheila time to adjust to Omaha and I'm sure she'll be fine.

Charles said...

I know you guys like to pounce on WOWT but maybe this is just a case of KCCI's investigative skills lacking. Maybe they should have looked at a map before posting "Central Iowa" and WOWT did something right by going with "Western Iowa".

bandit75 said...

I was pretty hard on Sheila in an earlier post, but the more I see her, she's not that bad at what she does. She does tend to smile at inopportune times throughout her newscasts, but maybe she just enjoys her job.

Thank you Zach for a good laugh today:
"I'm from Des Moines, and I don't know how she's doing in Omaha, but she did a KNOCK UP job here."
It's bang up, but we knew what you meant.

Zach said...

Knock/'s all the same :)

Renee said...

You have to give her props for liking Dr. San Guinary. Creature Feature rocked.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

I'm willing to give the benny of the doubt here--maybe she could get both stations. My local cable sys in Springfield gets 8 and 10 along with the Omaha stations. I'd bet that in Mound City you might get Omaha, Kansas City and maybe Topeka. As a storm chaser and weather junkie, I'd love that situation...

gerrishnut said...

She's gonna take flack for giving the Omaha TV community less Gerrish-time.

She sucks in my opinion.

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