Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sean McMahon Leaving Television?

We are told by what we believe to be a reliable source that KETV weekend sports anchor Sean McMahon has decided to leave the station. Channel 7 has not yet released the information, so not a lot more is known at the moment.

If true, the departure would represent a significant loss for the station, given McMahon's strong on-air work and widespread reputation as an all-around good guy.

McMahon's wife, Tracy Madden, recently assumed her position as the top female anchor at Channel 6, and the move may reflect an understandable desire by the couple to minimize the amount of time their not-quite-a-year-old twins have to spend in daycare. But that's entirely speculation on our part.

More info as we get it or make it up.


Will said...

Makes sense to me. I was wondering when that was going to happen.

I'm sure Tracy got a nice big raise to go with her new gig, so they won't miss the money that much.

Joe Swank said...

It's a shame that Sean Madden is going. I always liked his style and reporting. But we know who wears the pants in that family.

Ted Brockman said...

Cheap shot, joe. Her promotion clearly puts her in a better income category than his current gig. Financially, he'd be an idiot to insist that she pass up a sure thing so that he could pursue something less certain. And if, as we suspect, they've agreed that their kids will be better off with less childcare at godawful hours, he deserves even more credit.

King Vernon said...

I wondered why they didn't show her husband during those holiday 'feel good' family stories. I went though 3 sets of teeth because of the Stomach Acid when I kept throwing up.

gerrishnut said...

WOWT should shitcan Webber and hire Mr. Madden?

No other major market trots out crap like Jernstrom or Klaus. These guys have no business on TV.

WOWT needs to pull it's head out of it's ass.

papiopete said...

Wow, I didn't realize Gerrishnut was such a big fan of the Channel Six Sports Machine. It must really kill you to see people who actually like what they are doing.

Midtown said...

Bottom line Sean is the best sports reporter/Sports Anchor in this market. He is well written, has a pleasent delivery and most of all seems to know what he is talking about. His departure is a huge lost for channel 7 and for people who enjoy non-cliche driven sportcasting.
We'll certainly miss Sean.

Adam said...

Heard from Sean in the press box during last Saturday's NU-CU game..."Are the press box window's torando proof?" The response? "We'll find out soon!"

papiopete said...

Midtown, I certainly agree that Sean does an excellent job and will be missed. I just didn't think
the other guys had to be trashed to make that point.

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