Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pat Left Her Ad-Libbing Skills at the Station and Guess Who's Using Them Now

You gotta wonder if Channel 6 meteorologist Scott Akin thinks or talks about anything that doesn't involve weather.

This morning, Akin displayed his weather fixation during a short banter session with anchor Malorie Maddox. Faithful reader "Bandit 75" describes it:

Malorie did a story on the new Batmobile and remarked that it was a lot different than the one her dad knew, and then commented that she wondered if it had all the remote control gadgets. Scott, straight faced said it would 'make a great a storm tracker vehicle'. I paused and thought 'I didn't just hear that did I?' Maybe it was because I hadn't had my morning coffee yet, maybe I was still in that in between sleep and wake coma. So to verify, I rewound the broadcast to that point to listen again (thank you COX DVR). Sure enough that's what he said.

Wow. This leaves us imagining his co-workers at the station Christmas party arranging elaborate rescue scenarios for extricating each other from his conversational clutches:

Scott: So I was watching Precision Doppler 6000 for the fourteenth straight hour when I noticed this hook echo in North Dakota—

Trapped Co-Worker (looking around frantically and using the predetermined signal to get her friend's attention): Uh-huh.

Scott: —and I called Jim at home and told him about it. He was really excited that I was using my vacation time so productively, and said he'd be in right away—

Rescuer: Oh my God, Scott, sorry to interrupt—(turning to Trapped) Your mom just called and said you need to bring her more ointment for her lip fungus. She said it's an emergency!

Trapped (grabbing her things and moving toward the door): Oh, no! I was afraid this would happen. You'll have to excuse me, Scott. Gotta run. Mother gets very upset about her lip fungus when the ointment runs out!

It might be time for Akin to consider taking up a non-weather-related hobby.


market insider said...

This is a headline on your blog? I'm sure you understand now why the OWH doesn't cover the media in town consistently...Maybe because there's not much to cover. When you're forced to post e-mails from people named Bandit about the ad-libbing of anchors and the meteorologist you know you've run out of content.

janetdoe said...

...and yet you keep reading the content, ass-clown.

market insider said...

Another classy post by janet. Just because I don't like some of the blog doesn't mean I'll stop reading it. Actually that's what most of this web site is about. People that don't like what they see yet they still watch and then rant about it.

bandit75 said...

Hence my e-mail. I was pointing out another example of the sickness that local weather casters get this time of year. If I didn't share, my brain would eat itself. As far as my screen name goes, I wanted market insider but it was taken.

TheJackal said...
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TheJackal said...

Personally, I like Bandit's comments on the "news product" that's being churned out.

gradstudent said...

Ever notice that Janet and Bandit come running when Ted is under attack? These two are Ted's nafarious "news crew".

bandit75 said...

**evilly twirling the end of my mustache**

Jealous gradstudent?

Nefarious? Who talks like that anymore?

gradstudent said...

sorry, do I need to 'dumb it down' for ya?

bandit75 said...

I bet your sharp wit and excellent bantering skills make you a hit at parties gradstudent. In order to dumb down a post, you'd first need to post something at least halfway intelligent. Good effort though.

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