Friday, June 10, 2005

Omaha "Market Leaders," Take Note:

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Feder writes that longtime ratings leader WLS has revamped its look for the first time in four years. In a passage that WOWT and KETV would be wise to post prominently, Feder writes

While most top-rated stations would be content to keep things exactly as they are for as long as possible, Channel 7 continues to find new ways to freshen its product and keep ahead of the pack.

It's nice to see that being at the top of the heap doesn't always mean complacency and stagnation.

Channel 7 freshens up with classy makeover [Sun-Times]

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RogerJohnson said...

I think Channel 7 has had at least 3 graphic/music changes in the last 10 years unlike WOWT who has been riding the same look for almost 10 years with their "10 at Ten" segment. I am unaware when the last time the changed their graphic package!

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