Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Name That Face

In addition to providing updates on a jillion former local newsers (see comments section of previous post), Sean Weide has suggested that we post this picture and see who can give us the name of this former Omaha talent (see below). The first person to post the correct answer in the Comments section of this post gets to buy Sean lunch.

Meteorologist Juli Marquez
BayNews9, Tampa/St. Petersburg
Congrats to Husker Mike


JJSOmaha said...

I don't know...but she's hot!

Husker Mike said...

Wow; she didn't look like that when she was at KM3.


Damon Scott Hynes said...

She useta look cute at 3...guess 'cute' don't cut it in a major market...

Sean Weide said...

husker mike:

You're buying.

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