Thursday, June 16, 2005

Morning Outlook

New morning co-anchor Jimmy Siedlecki made his Omaha debut on Channel 6's "Live at Daybreak" this morning, joining his former Joplin, Missouri, partner Malorie Maddox. He had been scheduled to start on June 20th, but he was rolled out early so that he could appear next to Maddox before she departs for a much-needed vacation (she'll be gone next week). [NOTE: This glaring error was the result of Ted reading his email at 1 a.m., when his attention to detail (like whole words and phrases) is somewhat diminished. We apologize for the screwup.]

Speaking of vacation, Channel 7's Elictia "Omarosa" Hammond has been off this week, giving viewers of that station's morning show a much needed rest of their own. Her absence also underscores why the station should've left John Oakey as the solo anchor of the program if they couldn't find anyone better than Hammond. The bad news for KETV viewers is that Oakey is taking vacation next week, leaving Omarosa to fly solo (with or without the broom).

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bandit75 said...

It was a nice change to see a male anchor at six that was able to converse with their co-anchor in an unrehearsed manner. Jimmy was calm, cool and relaxed and it looks like he and Mallory will once again make a great team. It was funny though when the newscast opened at 5:00, the first words out of The Born Idiocy's mouth were, "yeah, who is this guy?". For a second there, I thought he was going to stand up and piss on the anchor desk to mark his territory but Mallory took over and all was well. It appears that six has finally picked a decent male anchor. Way to go six, out of your recent hires, your 1 for 4.

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