Wednesday, June 22, 2005

More Ratings Info

Sean Weide's media column in this week's Reader contains an alternative lens through which to view the May ratings. In terms of "total households" watching local TV news, WOWT won across the board, with KETV "close behind" at both 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

And while KMTV's numbers were up from the February sweeps period, their total households ratings were flat or down compared to a year ago. This, of course, brings up the obvious question: Will this be the book that convinces KM3 management that it's time to show resident gasbag Travis Justice a goose egg and tell him thaaaaaaaaaat's what he's worth?

Weide also reports that KPTM meteorologist Dean Wysocki is blaming his dismissal from the station, at least in part, on viewers who complained when he interrupted Fox's "American Idol" broadcasts during a severe weather outbreak. The interruptions, he contends, were needed because of 42's "1990s" equipment.

While we sympathize with Wysocki, we must admit to some surprise that the station has anything that new. Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised to tune in some evening and find a 42 weathercaster standing in front of a 1960s-vintage markerboard map of the US and writing in temps for various locales with a big black marker.

Before you laugh, just think about how bad the production values are on this station. Reverting to black and white never seems beyond the realm of possibility with KPTM's ownership.


Will said...

I'm not sure I understand what Wysocki is saying.

He seems to think that he was forced out because viewers were upset with him personally for breaking into American Idol. OK. He then goes on to blame the station's Eisenhower era equipment. OK. But, if the equipment is to blame, then 42 could have put Ned Flanders on the air and viewers still would have complained, since they were mad at the interruption itself, not the interruptor.

Although it sucks to be fired, he should be glad to get out of the TV Station That Time Forgot.

Will said...


I'm actually kind of liking the idea of a "retro" newscast. Have the talent all wear matching blazers with the station logo on the breast pocket (except the sportscaster who would dress in an obnoxious sportcoat a la Heywood Hale Broun). There would be no live shots - most of the news would be read straight of the AP wire, but all the stories with visuals would be filmchained from 16mm film shot with wind up Bell and Howell cameras.

No "meteorologists" either. Instead, we would have a "weathergirl."

Charles said...

A retrocast might be fun and a "weathergirl" ammusing, but I don't want to see Dean in a Dress. Hopefully, he'll get a much better gig by getting out of KPTM.

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