Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Media Biz Clippings

Finally, A Place for Great Radio Faces: Check out this story about a Detroit TV station whose reporter remains off-camera. Always. Do you think we could get Travis Justice to do stories in which neither his face nor his voice get into the story?
Channel 4 Mystery Reporter Is Intriguing [Detroit Free Press]

Wherever They Can Get It: A firm that tracks ad spending, oxymoronically-named TNS Media Intelligence says that if TV networks and stations had to pay for the ads they run promoting themselves, that spending would account for 22 percent of television advertising revenue. Reported in the New York Post, this information probably wouldn't surprise most viewers, who've long known of local TV's self-loving ways.
TV Stations Are Their Own Best Customers [NY Post] (free registration required)

One Biiiillion Dollars: The CEO of KMTV's owner, Emmis Communications, Jeff Smuylan, says he's hearing from lots of companies interested in buying his company's television stations, which went up for sale recently. He's thinking they may fetch a billion dollars or more. Latest rumors suggest the possibility of a swap with Disney involving its radio stations.
Emmis Aims To Fetch Over $1 Billion For TV Assets [Radio and Records]

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Luke said...

I have to tune in to Travis' radio program prior to catching some of the Jim Rome show.

Dear god.

Does Travis have any understanding of voice modulation? Everything he says sounds like a Menards commericial with the freakishly exhuberant pitchman.

Travis, you're not doing a demo for a monster truck radio spot nor are you Jim Cramer. Your takes are neither introspective nor interesting and simply saying them LOUDER does not increase the likelihood that they will become such.

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