Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Lost and Found

An alert reader recently wrote that one of the benefits of OMAnews is that it keeps readers in the loop regarding changes in personnel. So, rather than having it take a period of months to realize that Joe Schmutz has disappeared from Channel 56, a regular reader of OMAnews may know about it before said reporter or anchor is even out the door.

Given the relative newness of OMAnews, we've fielded several questions about what happened to various MIA TV types, including those listed below. If you have info on these folks and don't want to go through the hassle of contacting Robert Stack in the afterlife, you can give us an update via Comments or email. Most people want to know (a) why they left and (b) what they're doing now.

Aida Amoura (WOWT) Now works for Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack
Margaret Bummann (KETV) Toiling away in public affairs at U of Nebraska Med Center
Tom Bevacqua (KMTV) Chief meteorologist at WGGB/ABC40, Springfield, MA. Bio is here. (He seems to have put on a few pounds, but his hairpiece doesn't appear to have gained an ounce.)
Nancy Chandler (KMTV)
Bev Chapman (KMTV) Closing in on 20 years at KMBC in Kansas City
"Dr. Dave" Eiser (KMTV) Left Omaha for WLS-TV/Chicago, then to KRLD/Dallas; Current whereabouts unknown
Kent Grisham (KMTV) Public Relations/Communications Director for Great Plains Communications in Blair
Joni Hoffman (WOWT)
Thom Knight (WOWT)
John MacDonald (KMTV)
John Mason (KMTV) Weekend anchor at KSTP in the Twin Cities
Grace Polanski (KPTM) Last known gig: a bad show in Buffalo, NY. Whereabouts unknown.
Jan Rasmussen (WOWT)
Vineeta Sawkar (WOWT) Weekend anchor (with John Mason) at KSTP in the Twin Cities
Brad Stevens (KETV) Left Omaha to anchor in Orlando; no info on current whereabouts
Yvette Villareal (KPTM)
Byron Wood (WOWT, KPTM) Anchor, KRIS 6 News/KDF-Fox in Corpus Christi, Texas


Will said...

Aida Amoura works for Tom Vilsack.

I know that Grace Polanski wound up in Buffalo, NY doing a bizzare "news" show put together by the stations advertising department (basically, a long infomercial), but quit that gig after a year or so. That was about a year ago, and I have no idea what she's doing now (by the way, I always thought that she was the best anchor in town).

I have no idea about the rest.

Will said...

Per Google, Bev Chapman works for KMBC in Kansas City. Been there for 2o years now. Link:


Husker Mike said...

Bev Chapman is working in Kansas City at KMBC. John Mason was released by channel 3 in order to bring Michael Scott back to town; he's now at KSTP in Minneapolis. Kent Grisham is still in Omaha.

Will said...

RE: last message.

Bad link. Missing /detail.html at the end.

Will said...

Also per Google:

John Mason now at Channel 5 in Minneapolis:


As always, he's glad to be there.

Sean Weide said...

Margaret Bummann (KETV) - working in public affairs at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Kent Grisham (KMTV, KPTM) - Public Relations and Communications Director for Great Plains Communications in Blair.

John Mason (KMTV) - Investigative Reporter/Anchor, KSTP in Minneapolis. Formerly at KOB-TV in Albuquerque, N.M.

Jennifer Windrum (KMTV) - Jennifer Windrum, Public Relations Counsel at Swanson Russell Associates in Omaha.

Byron Wood (WOWT, KPTM) - Anchors the 5 and 9 p.m. weekday newscasts on KRIS 6 News/KDF-Fox. (Check out his bio and the Channel Six logo at http://tinyurl.com/7w3y9)

Juli Marquez (KMTV) - Delivering forecasts in Tampa Bay on "Bay News 9" two nights a week at 7 p.m. and on the weekends.

Amy McLard (KETV) - Vice president of public/legislative affairs with the Missouri Credit Union Association in St. Louis.

Andy Roesgen (KMTV) - Reporter at KTNV in Las Vegas.

Dennis Grant (KPTM) - News Director at KTTC in Rochester, Minn.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

Kristin Posman (Allred) WWMT Kalamazoo, MI.

The Sull said...

Brad Stevens moved to Orlando to be the main anchor (I think it was Orlando.)

I'm pretty sure he has since left TV and is in PR.

Renee said...

What about Tom Bevacqua? (sp)?

Ted Brockman said...

Tom Bevacqua is chief meteorologist at WGGB/ABC40 in Springfield, MA. His bio is here. He seems to have put on a few pounds, but his hairpiece doesn't appear to have gained an ounce.

Will said...

Back in the day, Gold's Gym was just down the street from KMTV, and I used to see Bevacqua working out. His hairpiece was pretty fake-looking then, but the one he's wearing now seems even less lifelike, somehow.

Renee said...

I never knew that was a hairpiece. Dang. I used to watch Tom B. and Trina C. after Young and the Restless way back in '89. Crazy. Boy he looks older. I guess we all do after 16 years. LOL

pete said...

What about Dr. Dave Eiser? The foot doctor who inferred he was a meteorologist?

Or what about the extremely beautiful (early 80s KM weekend anchor/reporter) Susan Starnes?

kmtvwhenitwasgoodalumnus said...

Jane Watrel (KMTV) can be seen doing NBC reports on WOWT
Trina Creighton (KMTV)is teaching journalism at UNL (this should draw a few choice comments)

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