Thursday, June 30, 2005

KM3 Delivers Its Spin on May Ratings

KMTV issued a press release on Wednesday highlighting what it sees as bright spots in the recently issued May sweeps ratings.

Entitled "KMTV Viewership Continues to Grow," the 121-word statement boasts that
  • the station ranked first in total viewers, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., mainly on the strength of its network and syndicated programming, including Regis & Kelly, The Price is Right, Dr. Phil, and Oprah;
  • KM3 was first in primetime, mirroring CBS' strong national performance;
  • Channel 3's 5 p.m. newscast viewership among the 25-54 demographic increased 37 percent (over what period it doesn't say);
  • compared with year-earlier numbers, Late Night with David Letterman's numbers were up 12 percent.
All of this impels us, then, to ask: with a strong daytime, primetime, and late night lineup, why do the station's 5 and 10 p.m. newscasts remain mired in third place?

That's actually a rhetorical question. We've offered our own hypothesis several times. The answer involves an annoying nasal voice that emanates from something that looks like this:

Granted, the Channel 3 news budget needs to be increased to add personnel and overhaul its visuals, but putting an end to the nightly bleating of this guy would both free up some dollars and give viewers less reason to tune out.

As one of our alert readers (who goes by the name of "Luke" on these pages) asks, "Does Travis have any understanding of voice modulation? Everything he says sounds like a Menards commericial."

If people are watching KM3, it's probably more in spite of him than because of him.


Will said...

Travis Justice's inane ramblings are a turnoff, for sure, but KMTV would probably be in last place even if they replaced him with the Oracle of Delphi. Every market has a station that can't get out of last place no matter what they do and right now, that's KMTV.

That's too bad, too, since KMTV has the best newscast in town, depsite their budget woes. Their lack of gimmicks (Justice aside) is refreshing.

It's too bad we can't have a "pool" newscast. Greg Petersen as obligatory male anchor, Courtny Gerrish as obligatory distaff anchor, Sarah Walters doing the weather and no one doing the sports (not because I don't like sports but because I think sports can be folded into the news just like KMTV).

Sean Weide said...

Dropping a conventional "10:20 p.m." sports segment from its newscasts in the spring of 2003 has no doubt hurt KMTV, particularly in this sports-minded community.

Verity_Verily said...

On Travis Justice...are those his real teeth? Just curious.

Ted Brockman said...

sportz-guy said...
travis got veneers a few years back. as for his voice, it is...what it is...

6/30/2005 10:53 PM

[accidentally deleted earlier...sorry]

David said...

Yes indeed. There is nothing like 3 minutes of continuous babbling about golf and stockcar racing.
Like him or not. Agree with him or not. Travis Justice is doing what hasn't ever been done. At least KM3 has tried something new in the overly monotonous local news market. I think the Omaha news market can handle an opinionated piece on something other than the weather for once.

janetdoe said...

Dose anyone have insight as to why KM started the for what it's worth thing? That type of commentary segment seems like it's right out of the 70's. Is this a re-current thing in the company that owns KM, and they decided to clone it for Omaha? There must be another station in the country that is having great success with a similar opinion-based segment for KM to think it was a good idea in the first place. As for the messenger... How about a smart, opinionated woman instead?

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