Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Is The Screaming Attorney Named Joe Howard or Moe Howard?

Yet a third source tells us that The Screaming Attorney specializes in "lemon laws." The only problem, it seems, is that Nebraska has no such laws.

Call us crazy, but we think it'd be a good idea—since news directors and assignment editors seem to have an affinity for getting people to emote on camera—to spend some time on this guy. His Monday outburst suggests he's emotionally volatile, so how long could it take to get him worked into a lather? Whether he goes ballistic or plunges into a fit of sobbing, it's money in the bank.

Now that's a story we could record and enjoy over and over again.

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Charles said...

Maybe they could retune some of their weather watching equipment and create the first Ambulence Chaser Watcher. We could enjoy hours of radar alerts interupting our programing to bring us the latest in lawyer spotting technology.

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