Monday, June 13, 2005

Is Channel 6 Feeding Story Ideas to Channel 7?

Brandi Petersen appears to be Channel 7's answer to Rebecca Kleeman: the reporter who gets to handle all the really stupid story ideas at her station. Monday afternoon's verdict in the Michael Jackson case prompted Petersen's bosses to dispatch her to Nebraska Furniture Mart for man-on-the-street (MOS) reactions.

God we hate these stories. What a waste of airtime and talent. How much skill does it take to say, "How do you feel about (insert topic here)? Moreover, who the hell cares what some schmo at the Mart thinks? We never thought we'd say this, but we'd rather have Brandi reading grocery store prices á là Channel 6 than shoveling this crap at us. Give her a real story; don't insult her by saddling her with nonsense.


the_s_man said...

maybe YOU should tell channel 7 how it is done..since you know how to direct the "perfect" newscast, and how to use the simply know all

gradstudent said...

I think he should also be the assignment editor. I'm sure he's got gads of story ideas...but poor guy, he never gets invited to the meetings.

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