Monday, June 27, 2005

Hot Weather in June?!! What a Great Story Idea!!

With temperatures reaching the upper 90s last week, Omaha TV-types just couldn't talk about it enough. We'll not pick on any one station, because every outlet in town has done at least one "How People Are Coping with the Heat" story in the last seven or eight days. One particularly annoying instance came on Friday, when a reporter was dispatched to cover the Summer Arts Festival and, instead of focusing on the four blocks full of artists and vendors there, she gave us the "people are drinking lots of water" angle to the exclusion of anything else.

Look: we know it's hot. It's effing June, for God's sake! If it were February 24th and the thermometer hit 98, then you'd have a story. Or if it snowed on June 24th, that would be worth noting. But hot temperatures at this time of year aren't news.

So stop telling us to drink lots of fluids, wear light-colored clothing, and stay in the shade. We agree with a rant we heard from George Carlin once, in which he advocated giving natural selection a chance to work. People who are stupid enough to avoid water, wear hot clothing, and exert themselves in hundred-degree heat shouldn't be kept around to reproduce. Or do reports on it.


Cogitor said...

Amen. It's just another in a long line of things to do instead of actually digging up some real news (a la Michael Jackson, the bug-eyed bride and flat bills vs. bent bills on baseball hats). News directors and any other powers-that-be (like station managers) letting the various news teams get away with it is ridiculous, and quite frankly, a little insulting.

Agent Mulder said...

Agreed, Coge.
I caught last week some of exactly what you're talking about.
Some guy passing around a new kind of coke to fans at the college world series. That's news? 20 years ago we called it the Pepsi Challenge. The best is following up with "I'm a Coke drinker and I like this new stuff! And it's only two for a dollar!" Great. I thought tv ads cost more than 50 cents.

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