Monday, June 27, 2005

Does Morningside Offer Mail-Order Degrees?

If, as we've been told, anchors write their own bios for posting on the web, the one just posted for WOWT's Sheila Brummer goes a long way toward explaining why she can't pronounce Guantanamo. Read it here. We especially enjoy the fact that she misspelled John Knicely's name. Unbelievable.

Embarrassingly bad writing skills aside, Brummer's career path looks eerily similar to that of recently "retired" anchor Pat Persaud, who also attended Morningside and spent time working in Sioux City before coming to Channel 6. Let's hope that Brummer is better than we've seen so far or that we don't have to wait nearly two decades for her "retirement."

[Editor's Note: The original version has been cleaned up a bit since we first posted the link. What was spelled "Nicely" is now "Knicely."]


janetdoe said...

How's this for really poor grammar?

"Sheila's appeared in Television Weekly for her work during the Iowa
Caucuses. And she served as a guest speaker for the Radio and Television News Directors Associations annual convention in April of 2005."

They appeared to have fixed Knicely's name on the bio, but not this mess.

With McMaster headed for maternity leave later in the year, we'll probably get to enjoy more of Sheila's solo anchoring prowess as they shuffle people in and out of the anchor chair for weekend morning's. Huuray.

Agent Mulder said...

If you are going to bash grammar, check your own first, Janet. And spelling too.

Ted Brockman said...

Mulder: As I've told several posters here: the difference is that the people posting the bio are being paid. Those who post here are not.


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