Monday, June 20, 2005

CWS Live Reports Hit and Miss

This weekend's live reports from the NCAA Men's College World Series were something of a mixed bag in terms of quality. None of the stations delivered any home runs.
  • The most ambitious of the broadcasts was Channel 6's attempt to broadcast most of its 6 p.m. program from Rosenblatt Stadium. The result was mostly awkward and not particularly well executed. Anchors John Knicely and Tracy Madden were forced to share a handheld, corded mike, both with each other and with anyone else who wandered into the action, including meteorologist Jeff "Vienna Choir Boy" Jensen and sports anchor Merlyn Klaus. Klaus subbed for Dave Webber, who was inexplicably absent.
  • Contributing to the awkwardness was the fact that the whole on-air crew was forced to stare into the evening sun while standing in near-90-degree heat. The sun, however, doesn't account for the technical glitches, like the fact that the names supered over stories were incorrect on at least a couple of occasions. The immediacy of the event was also diminished somewhat when the proceedings were thrown back to the studio and the so-far-not-very-impressive Sheila Brummer, who delivered several more minutes of "other stories making news."
  • Another sloppy performance came from the normally flawless Sarah Simmons on Sunday's 5:30 p.m. broadcast. With co-anchor Devon Patton back in the studio, Simmons appeared almost totally unprepared to go live, stumbling and seemingly wandering and/or killing time without any clear destination in mind. While she managed to get through the ordeal, there was little news value in what she had to offer. We would've prepared to see Patton out there and Simmons in the studio. Watching him struggle through a shot like that with little to fall back on would have been much more entertaining.
  • Channel 7's Friday offering was adequate but not outstanding, with sports director John Scheutz being joined by reporter/sometime sports anchor Mike Sigmond. While the "live from the ballpark" shots are a nice change of pace, thirty minutes of Julie Cornell looking miserable and bitchy in the heat would've livened things up quite nicely.


Cogitor said...

Why should a remote for the crew -- and I'm not talking about the on-air team -- at 6 be any different from their usual sharp in-studio work (yup...sarcasm there, and lots of it).

omatvwatcher said...

The old microphone handoff during a bush league of six.

Will said...

Yeah, where was Webber?

Filming another Physician's Mutual commercial?

Now, obviously, a remote from the CWS is in order, but I don't really think an entire remote newscast is a great idea. It's pure gimmickry, fraught with potential perilous pitfalls to the point that it doesn't take much for the control room talent to make the on-air talent look like a bunch of fools.

janetdoe said...

So, will Sigmond go back to sports full-time with McMahon leaving? He's amusing at times, but really too goofy and unpolished to be the number 2 guy behind Schuetz.

Webber undrestands how big the CWS is and the word is he had to be out of the loop because of a medical issue.

Ted Brockman said...

Webber appeared to be in pain and/or a back brace during the Thursday night pre-CWS special. He was also leaning oddly during a CWS promo running earlier that week. Not surprised to hear he was out for something medical.

frankiesolich said...


So apparently Webber's absence on Friday night was not "inexplicable". Your continued efforts to bash Channel 6 sometimes get in the way of good judgement and common decency. Im guessing Webber has been at every CWS opening day since the 70's, so it would have been nice to cut him some slack, realizing that if he wasnt there it was probably for a good reason. And Will...nice cheapshot. Hope people are kinder to you when you are sick.

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