Monday, June 27, 2005

Brumming Down

Given our admitted disgust at WOWT for passing over Courtny Gerrish for the "First News Live at 4" anchor position, we've been trying to reserve judgment regarding Sheila Brummer who was tapped to fill the seat vacated when Tracy Madden was elevated to co-anchor of Channel 6's 5, 6, and 10 p.m. programs.

Let the record show that our resolve lasted until Sunday morning, when Brummer was subbing for Andrea McMaster. Not only did she display her disconcerting habit of grinning at the camera sporadically as she spoke to meteorologist Jim Flowers (as if she and the audience share some secret about Jimmy), she managed to match McMaster's knack for mispronouncing names.

First, there was the reference to outgoing NAACP President Kwasi Mfume, which Brummer turned into "KWA-ahm-see OOM-fuh-may." That was followed closely by a mention of "gwon-TOM-uh-no" (Guantanmo) Bay, and then a teaser for a sports report by Merlyn "Kloss."

If the mangled pronunciations were the result of not reading her copy in advance, she should know that the station just escaped from the shadow of one anchor who couldn't bother to prepare for broadcasts, and that we don't need another. If the missteps stem from not having encountered the names of Mfume or the base in Cuba, then that's just sad.

Whichever is closer to the truth, the whole thing seems to signal yet another brilliant personnel move at the Big Six.


bandit75 said...

Watching her and Knicely during a broadcast last week was like having stupid in stereo. I guess the broadcasts are supposed to be geared towards the pot-head crowd these days because they would only make sense if you were stoned. Where did I put that bong......

gerrishnut said...

Give Brummer a little credit, she has gotten the call letters down now.

Maybe motherhood will make McMaster seem a little bit brighter.

A world with more Courtny Gerrish is a wonderful world.

Will said...

Maybe it's the relative lack of competition, but I've always felt that Gerrish is the best anchor (male or female) that WOWT has. I've always wondered why she would have to play second (or third) fiddle to anyone there.

Agent Mulder said...

Cold shower, guys. Maybe that's how you should start your morning.

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