Monday, May 16, 2005

WOWT Gets Maddox Partner

"Live at Daybreak" anchor Malorie Maddox will be looking at a familiar face first thing in the morning, now that Channel 6 has hired her former Joplin, Missouri co-anchor to rejoin her at the anchor desk in Omaha. Jimmy Siedlecki has been anchoring and serving as assistant news director at KODE since 2002 and formerly worked as a sports anchor in Evansville, Indidana. Maddox came to WOWT from KODE last fall.


bandit75 said...

Now, if only Courtney could drop the dead weight sitting next to her on the weekends.....

Will said...


You know, as hard as it is to break into the tv news business, I'm always surprised that guys like Courtny's ball and chain Paul Baltes and KM3's Devon Patton (who can't read a TelePompTer at all) can even get (and keep) jobs.

bandit75 said...

Hey Will,

Don't forget Brian New. When he first started with six I thought, 'Brian really?' The guy talks like he doesn't get enough bran in his diet. Last week after doing a story about the new Star Wars flick, Brian Mastre made a comment that Scott "my hand is" Akin was Han Solo, Mallory was Princess Leia, and , well, to be honest I blocked everything else because an image of Mallory as Princess Leia on Jaba's barge kept popping into my head.

Midtown said...

I think a great ratings idea for the website would be an old fashion MTV celebrity death match starting with John Oakey verses Jimmy Siedlecki. It would be a great way to welcome Jimmy to Omaha.

Part Two "A reality TV Match" Malorie Vs Omarosa.

Part Three "A retirement match"
Pat Vs Julie.

Part Four "Teleprompter Reading"
B. Mastre Vs Devin P.

Part Five "Battle of the "Blondes"
Deyo Vs McMaster

Grand Finale
"Tag Team Weather"
Randby/Dean W. Vs Flowers/McPike

Light's out Match (Investigative)
Mike "The Human Cliche" McKnight Vs
Carol "Leather Girl" Kloss

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