Monday, May 02, 2005

Weekend Notes (or While You Were Shivering)

• Taking a page from the KETV playbook, WOWT has decided to put its best anchors on the Sunday 10 p.m. newscast, which is traditionally the most-watched of the week. John Knicely and Tracy Madden were on duty Sunday night, as were Channel 7's Rob McCartney and Julie Cornell. KETV began deploying its primary anchor team on Sunday nights during sweeps periods a while back, and it has apparently paid off, as Channel 7 now leads or is neck-and-neck with Channel 6 in many of the timeslots where they go head-to-head.

• We assume that Madden's presence on the set Sunday reflects the station's desire to showcase her, rather than yet another instance of Pat Persaud just not being able to make it to work. However it may well be an indication of how folks at 6 view Pat's effect on ratings.

• Are we the only ones who found it sick that Channel 6 posted a live crew outside Conestoga Middle School on Thursday? The high school had received a threat earlier in the week suggesting that a bomb would go off on "4-28-05," prompting officials to move students to the middle school for the day. WOWT had poor Rebecca Kleeman doing live shots from the scene before the sun was even up, keeping her there all day and sending in Gary Johnson to relieve her for the afternoon broadcasts. The posture of the station wasn't flattering; you had the distinct impression that someone calling the shots at 6 was really hoping for some good old-fashioned mayhem.

• Screechy, self-absorbed KETV morning anchor Elictia "Omarosa" Hammond, who looked even more scary than usual this morning, is said to be engaged. We're told that she is betrothed to a local minister. God help him.

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omatvwatcher said...

What was Hammond wearing? It looked like a purple suit a man would wear. It was a very disturbing visual.

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