Monday, May 09, 2005

Weekend Leftovers

• The June issue of Her magazine, a local freebie, is on newsracks around town and carries a feature on KM3 anchor Deb Ward.

• Information surfacing now suggests that, indeed, WOWT anchor Pat Persaud's "retirement" was at least partially instigated by the station. Apparently, management approached her about taking a pay cut. When she balked, the station refused to budge, and, yadda yadda yadda, she's done on the 25th.

• Things were so busy last week we neglected to mention WOWT's new "virtual" set, now being used for first few minutes of 10 news. The computer-generated backdrop, inserted electronically behind anchors standing in front of a green screen, is similar to the virtual backdrop used to tease viewers regarding the coming evening's broadcast. While it looks a little hokey, it's nice to see any kind of change in the routine over there after so many years of the monotonous "ten minutes of non-stop news, no-wait weather, and leadoff sports."

• Another new feature is a mini-segment of "news for where you live." In it, Tracey Madden or some other designated reporter delivers a brief followup/sidebar to the preceding story. It appears to be an attempt to emulate the Channel 3 approach in which the team attempts to give viewers a sense of the practical impact of a given story. Let's just say, for 6, it's gonna take some practice.

• One of our readers, a former Omaha resident now back in Des Moines, gives this scouting report on Sheila Brummer, who'll be replacing Madden on WOWT's "Live at 4":

"Sheila is about as good on TV as any other Morningside graduate. I've lived in the DSM area off and on all my life. Couldn't be happier to see she was off the morning news here. Maybe working the afternoon shift will liven her up a little bit, but I doubt it."

That doesn't seem encouraging. The same reader also has an interesting take on why Brummer left her Des Moines gig, but lacking corroboration, we'll sit on that for now.

• It's only one day, and maybe we'll get as sick of seeing him in the morning as we are of seeing him in the afternoons and evenings, but Brian Mastre's presence on "Live at Daybreak" this morning with Malorie Maddox was surprisingly not terrible. He seems much more palatable at that hour for some odd reason. But, again, it was only Day One of this reportedly temporary reassignment.

• KM3's Devon Patton, whose hiring seems like a worse idea every time we see him, did a riveting piece on Saturday evening about fluctuating fuel prices. Patton shocked us with news that gas prices (a) are higher than a year ago, and (b) have been going up and down in recent months. Exhibiting the sort of effort normally associated with Channel 6, he went out and got his story about 20 yards from KMTV's studios—at a QuickTrip on 108th Street. There, he introduced viewers to one QT customer who displayed the notepad on which she keeps track of her gasoline purchases. Wow. Just like Aunt Gertrude used to keep on long car trips. The part of the story that made us laugh, however, came when Patton described the woman's notepad as a "personal gas journal." We're feeling lazy this afternoon, so you'll need to insert your own fart joke here.


pia said...

Anyone catch the wx chick on KM3 Sunday afternoon? She described the hail size in west O as Hen size? And later Hen Egg sized? How many different ways can you size up hail?

papiopete said...

Information about Pat now surfacing ? Really ? So you are telling us that Pat talked to you ? Pat's lawyer talked to you ?The news director talked to you ? The station manager talked to you ? I really don't think anybody else would have that type of information. Information ? Hmmmmmmmm. I guess your definition is a little different than mine.

Ted Brockman said...

Hey papiopete, who pissed in your cornflakes? I'm not saying who talked to me. But you're absolutely right. None of those people would ever talk to anyone, would they? Pat never would've mentioned any of it to a friend or co-worker. Probably kept it all to herself. Those you mentioned are probably the only four people in the entire universe who have any knowledge at all about this. Yeah, you're all over it. Thanks for the correction.

Will said...

With the bell tolling for Pat Persaud's WOWT career, I wonder where she might end up. I mean, she's still in her 40's and I can't imagine anyone type-A enough to be as successful as she is in a ruthlessly competitive business is just going to sit at home baking cookies and learning needlepoint. So what's Pat gonna do:

1. Get a job at another station. Can't see it.

2. Get a cool corporate gig. Like Kara Rovere, Loretta Carroll or Dana Dyksterhuis. Possible. And a corporate PR, or investor-relations gig can be fairly easy-going if she doesn't want to work too hard.

3. The Academy. Teach Communications at Creighton or UNO. Another easygoing job (when I went to law school, a lot of professors were long gone by 3:30).

Anything else?

pia said...

oma news crew--you don't take kindly to criticism but are sure quick to criticise everyone else

janetdoe said...

pia: how's this? your spelling sucks!! now that's how you criticize someone!!

pia said...

janet and oma sound like the same person!

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