Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tuesday/Wednesday Splatterings

• Anyone playing the drinking game and watching WOWT's 10 p.m. news on Tuesday would've been dead from alcohol poisoning before the first commercial. John Knicely and Pat Persaud were indulging their "so-and-so, reporting live" fetish to a degree unmatched in our memory. Honest to God, they must've said it six or seven times, even though they conversed with each reporter and it would've been obvious even to Rosie O'Donnell's character in that awful TV movie that we were gettting a live report. Morons.

• With Andrea Bredow missing from this morning's news on Channel 7, it fell to Chuck "Mumbles" McWilliams to deliver today's forecast. We don't know which is worse: Bredow, who sounds like she's talking with a couple of jawbreakers in her mouth, or McWilliams, who reminds us of a listless teenager taking our order at Arby's.

Dave Webber made a rare trip out of the studio for the 6 (and perhaps 5) p.m. newscast on Channel 6 to deliver his report from Rosenblatt Stadium, where the Nebraska and Creighton baseball teams were about to meet. Ross Jernstrom crowded into the shot with Webbs at one point and looked as if he were about to poop his pants with excitement. For just a moment, set aside Jernstrom's cheesy grin and munchkin-like voice. There's something disturbing about a guy who gets that big a chubby over whatever he's covering.

• An alert reader points out that of all the stations in Omaha, only KETV was able to run two crawls on Tuesday evening: one containing election results, and the other delivering severe weather updates. Everyone else was limited to one crawl, with an assortment of radar images and weather bugs cluttering the rest of the screen on every station.

CORRECTION: An second alert reader points out that WOWT did run election results just above its weather crawl. Channel 6's results just weren't crawling. Sorry. Our bad, as the kids say.

Brian Mastre was absent from the "Live at Daybreak" anchor desk Wednesday morning, just two days into his stint as a temporary replacement for Trey Jones. Malorie Maddox flew solo and, as usual, never missed a beat. She's one of just a few anchors in town capable of carrying a newscast on her own.


omahatvguy said...

How about Charles in charge on 3 this morning telling people Fremont was EAST of Omaha! I turned to 7 to get my morning Andrea fix and instead got speedy mumbles and the morning nose along with John Oakey. I feel for him, she needs to go.

Will said...

Bredow seems to be MIA at least one day a week now, what's up with that?

Joe Swank said...

If you were watching channel 3rd on Tuesday Night you wouldnt have known there was an election. I watched the Amazing Race from 8 to 10 and not a word or crawl about it that I can remember. Ryan McPike was trying to get as much face time as possible, interruppting every commercial break - at least he didnt cut into the show execpt at the beginning - I was ready to call the 3rd boys.

Ted Brockman said...

It could just be that they're good at math. Only 62,000 people even bothered to vote on Tuesday (25% of eligible voters). The mayor and all but one council member were re-elected. Bottom line: nobody cared.

Channel 3 probably figured (correctly) that there were more people interested in the weather than in how big Mike Fahey's lead over Dave Friend was going to be.

omatvwatcher said...

It's also pretty sad when the weather forecasters have to actually apologize for cutting in. God forbid you miss two minutes of Lost or American Idol(42 actually cut in during Idol and got a barrage of complaints) so you can get pertinant information.

Midtown said...

Bredow had Election duty into the night so she had no choice but to miss work Wednesday morning.
It was good to hear a suspension coming out of that Hansen porn package... it was out of hand.
Have you guys heard anything about the Fox 42 main anchors not reporting anymore? That makes it worse for an already limited staff.

Platte Matt said...

Why would KETV use one of their weather people for election coverage...especially during weather like we've been having? Are they that short staffed? Or are they trying to phase Andrea out of weather and turn her into a reporter. From her bio it looks like her major was journalism.

Bored said...

Andrea wasn't reporting for work... It had nothing to do with work. She was required to help out the election. Same kind of thing that happens with Jury Duty. They pick your name to help out with passing out ballots or counting ballots or checking people in when they come to vote. Andrea was one of the people that got selected and required to hang out and one of the polling stations.

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